View Full Version : [Nov 9 - 15] Celestial Search Lockbox Leaderboard: NEW PRIZES!

11-09-2016, 03:35 PM
Hello Crime City Mobsters!

In this upcoming Lockbox Leaderboard event, we're introducing some brand new, astronomically awesome prizes!
In addition to existing valuable leaderboard rewards, we're also awarding units with temporary bonuses that will boost points in the upcoming Street Assault. Take a look!

Celestial Search - Lockbox Leaderboard event

Event Start Date:
November 9 3:00PM PST - November 15 2:00PM PST

Rank 1:
Celestial Commuter Bus
[*Temp] +20% Street Assault Points

Rank 2:
Celestial Passenger
[*Temp] +13% Street Assault Points

Rank 3:
Celestial Gangster Chain
[*Temp] +8% Street Assault Points

Rank 4:
Celestial Pocket Stabber
[*Temp] +5% Street Assault Points

Rank 5:
Celestial RF Chaingun
[*Temp] +3% Street Assault Points

Ranks 6 to 10:
Celestial Yacht
[*Temp] +2% Street Assault Points

*These bonuses are temporary and expire on November 22, 3:00PM PST