View Full Version : [Announcement] - Halloween Special - Frontline Gold Rebate!

[PM] President Hightower
10-28-2016, 01:16 PM
Hello Modern Warriors!

Just in time for the Halloween weekend Frontline event we would like to announce a special bonus program! From the start of Frontline on 10/28 @ 3pm Pacific time to the end of the event on 10/31 @ 2pm Pacific time we will refund a portion of all gold purchases made in relation to the Frontline event. Please note that only gold spent on the Frontline event is eligible for this special promotion. The Gold rebate will be completed in full by 11/1 @ 12pm Pacific time.


Q: If I use deploy units that I already have will I receive a rebate for them?
A: No, only purchases made during the special promotional time will receive a rebate.

Q: Will I receive a rebate on any items I purchase during the special promotion?
A: No, only Frontline specific items including Deploy Refill purchases and Frontline Main Carriers will be counted.

Q: Will deploy units from bundles be counted in the special promotion?
A: No, only units purchase directly with gold during the promotion will be counted.

Q: Will I receive my gold rebate during the event?
A: No, All gold rebates will be processed after the event and paid out by 11/1 at 12pm Pacific time.

Q: If I purchase Frontline Main Carriers this weekend but don't use them during the Frontline event will I receive the rebate?
A: Yes, only purchases made during the special promotion will be calculated.

UPDATE: Payouts have already been completed! Please check your balances.