View Full Version : [Announcement] Frontline Boost Refund [Completed]

[PM] Aurelius
09-09-2016, 06:53 PM
Hello Modern Warriors,

As many of you know by now, after the Frontline boycott that happened when the Bonus UI was introduced and made it look like the Faction HQ was nerfed, we initiated high level conversations with guild representatives from a range of WD and FL rankings. While many subjects came up, one stood out as a major pain point for the community: The faction Frontline Point Increase boost. Due to an error in the setup of the bonus, the top tier was set at a base 400% instead of the 20% as intended. Once players reached the point where they had earned the bonus, we noticed the discrepancy and issued a correction. However, we had not properly understood how much players had invested in the Faction HQ for that specific bonus, and how many people who had almost gotten to it, but didn't get a chance to use. You felt cheated when we corrected it, and for that, we apologize. After talking with the guild representatives, we hashed out some proposals which they then took to the community in general to vote on and discuss. Overwhelmingly you, the players, voted for us to refund the spend against the bonus and to wipe the slate clean. In honor of that, we will be doing the following:

Gold Refund for spend to acquire the Frontline Point Increase boost:
1) All gold spent in the Commissary from the introduction of the Faction HQ up until the date of the data correction, 6/24/2016 will be refunded
2) All gold spent on speedups for upgrading the Factory from the introduction of the Faction HQ up until the date of the data correction, 6/24/2016 will be refunded

All refunds will be issued to the individuals who spent the gold.

Additionally, all players who participated in helping their factions out by producing Faction HQ resources or using speed ups for their faction in that time period will receive a one time lump sum of the following:

Propaganda: 750
Recruiting: 500
RnD: 250
Logistics: 50

We will have the refund and payout completed by end of day September 15th.

We will continue to have these conversations, and slowly open it up to more members of the community over time. We will also investigate ways for players to be able to review what was discussed so that they can talk amongst the community about it, and have that information filter up, and be able to discuss it openly on the forums. We consider these conversations fully transparent and expect them to be shared and discussed. Thank you everyone involved, and we will continue to work to make Modern War the best game we can make it be for all of you, the players.

[PM] Aurelius
09-13-2016, 05:22 PM
The refund and the compensation have been paid out.