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08-30-2016, 06:17 PM
Hey Crime City Mobsters,

We are currently making some updates to Crime City’s Bonus UI! In preparation for this, we’d like to take this opportunity to detail what’s being changed. This is to fix some of the lingering issues around Temporary Bonuses, both personal and Syndicate Base related. This is also to make reading and understanding rewards & prizing easier.

After the update is complete and you have the newest Crime City client, you’ll notice that all Active Temporary Bonuses will appear in the [Temp Bonus] section of the Player Profile instead of the [Permanent Bonus] section.

With this client update, we are also adding color coding to Bonuses to help distinguish between the following bonus types:

Non-stacking Bonuses NOT in your possession - BLUE
Non-stacking Bonuses IN your possession - RED
Stacking Bonuses - GREEN

Thank you for your patience! Please tell Syndicate members and help spread the word!

08-30-2016, 06:17 PM
Temporary Bonus UI Changes

Example: I’ve activated on a 50% Mafia Attack Increase from the Dispensary:

I currently have a permanent 10% Mafia Attack bonus. Before the update, the 50% Mafia Attack temp bonus is incorrectly added to the Permanent Bonus:


After the update, the 50% Mafia Attack temporary bonus is correctly displayed under [Temp Bonus] section:

Additionally, the correct permanent Mafia Attack percentage is displayed under [Permanent Bonus]:

Bonus Color Coding Types

Gain AR57 Rifle and Gain Bada Boom have Stackable Bonuses, marked in GREEN.
Gain Quattro has a Non-Stackable Bonus, marked in BLUE.

The items below have a Non-Stackable Bonus which you already own, marked in RED.

08-31-2016, 11:56 AM

* Why are bonuses in the goal completion pop up in RED? This is my first time receiving this item.
This happens because the item is put in your inventory right when the goal is completed. We're working on fixing this to blue, to reduce any potential confusion. :)