View Full Version : Attacks not triggering boss EVENT BROKEN

08-30-2016, 08:03 AM
Just stopped working (possibly latest update) but I cant trigger boss so the event doesn't work, nice work Gree

I'm actually laughing not annoyed, total incompetence

08-30-2016, 08:17 AM
I agree that it is with most recent update. I can trigger bosses but it takes 2+ mins for boss to go down if at all

08-30-2016, 01:25 PM
Lots with same issue!!!
Boss will not trigger,very annoying if you are trying to finish 1st,ruins entire event....
Not my favourite events but still...why do we still see so many problems with so many events?

08-30-2016, 08:10 PM
I'll never know Hobbs how a company can be so full of problems. Supercell never has these kinds of issues. Maybe if gree actually cleaned up its games from all the invisible targets, units that are never used, etc.