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08-11-2016, 06:02 PM

Introducing Kingpin Rewards Program!

Kingpin Rewards Program is a persistent and ongoing rewards system where you can collect Kingpin Points by interacting, participating, and engaging in the various events in Crime City!


Collect enough Kingpin Points and your Kingpin Level increases. Various benefits and special event options unlock the more you level up! Continue to level up, and perks increase in effectiveness and new perks become available.


Become a Crime City KINGPIN and you can receive benefits in the following features and events:

Battle for Empire City
Street Assault
Raid Bosses
Hate and Revenge
Hardcore Bosses & Epic Bosses
Lockbox Leaderboard
Limited Time Quests
PvP Battles


Activation Points are the amount of Kingpin Points needed to keep your current Kingpin Level from month to month. At the beginning of each month an upkeep cost of Activation points is deducted from your Kingpin Point total. If you advance a Kingpin Level during the month this upkeep cost is waived.

Please note that you may drop to a lower Kingpin Level if your Activation Points fall below the needed amount at the beginning of the month.