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06-12-2016, 07:20 PM
NEW: Hardcore Boss Event

A brand new boss approaches Empire City, badder and stronger with additional, competitive challenges! Hardcore Boss awaits you!

Event Start Time
June 13 03:00PM PDT to June 17 02:00PM PDT

Event Details
Hardcore Boss is a brand new boss event reminiscent to the Epic Boss. In addition to Milestone Goals seen in other boss events, Hardcore Boss comes with new challenges that are sure to heat up competition this summer.

Your Arsenal
Unlike the other boss events, a limited number of your strongest Attack/Defense items will be used against the new boss.

The damage is calculated from their combined Attack Power.
Bonuses will not be applied towards the effectiveness of your Arsenal.

Damage Points
Damage Points act as your daily score and can be earned by defeating a Hardcore Boss. The more damage you do, the more points you receive. An undefeated Hardcore Boss will result in no Damage Points rewarded.

Daily Leaderboard
Compete against 4 other players daily in rankings to defeat the most bosses and earn the most Damage Points! Each day, you will be matched with other players based on your Damage Point standings. The results are tallied 02:00PM PDT daily. Daily Points and rewards are then issued to participating players. A new set of match ups are created 3:00PM PDT the same day, and you will be assigned to a new bracket based on your new Damage Point standings.

Event Leaderboard
A main Leaderboard presides over the entire event and contains the most powerful rewards! Daily Points are tallied for the event and determine a player's final leaderboard rank.

New Units Available
New powerful and useful items will be purchasable for Cash in-store during the course of the event. These new items are quite powerful, the number you may own is limited and you cannot bring more than the Arsenal limit to a Hardcore Boss Battle. Be careful though, these new items are destructible, each Hardcore Boss Battle attack has a chance to consume a number of these items from your inventory, so stay stocked up!