View Full Version : Syndicate Base Clubhouse and Dispensary Updates

03-04-2016, 11:29 AM
Greetings Crime City Bosses,

Soon we’ll be rolling out rebalancing adjustments made to many of the permanent boosts provided by the Clubhouse as well as the strength and costs of some of the Dispensary’s activated boosts. By and large we’ve adjusted boosts that affect player power upwards both on the permanent and temporary boosts.

Just to recap about the two buildings affected by this update:

Clubhouse - A persistent building in the Syndicate Base which players can upgrade in order to gain access to permanent boosts that benefit the whole Syndicate. Upgrades are limited to a specific time frame and cannot be upgraded further until the next upgrade window begins.

Dispensary - An upgradeable building that supplies a Syndicate with a choice of active boost(s) for a cost in refined materials produced in the Refinery. The quality of the boosts will depend on the level of the refined materials used to activate the various boosts.