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02-25-2016, 11:21 AM

K&D: Announcing Shadowforged Armor!

Shadowforged armor is the next awesome line of armors in Knights & Dragons which will replace Dragonforged armor as the top armor in the Kingdom.

At this time, you can only acquire these armors by crafting them in the Armorsmith with crafting materials. Each set of armor will have it’s own type of crafting material required to make that particular armor. These materials can be found in chance chests such as the Dark Prince and Enchanted chests, along with being rewarded from various special events!

These new armors can be leveled from 1 to 99 in the same manner as other armor types. Once you have reached level 99, gain the new currency called Silver Coins from special events to progress to Ascension levels. Currently, there are 10 levels of Ascension.

Along with increased attack and defense stats, Shadowforged armor has some sweet passive skills such as First Strike. With First Strike you can get up to a maximum of 15% chance of striking the opponent first. Armor levels 1 to 99 have an 8% chance, while Ascension levels have up to 15% chance. Although these bonuses do not stack, for each knight wearing armor with First Strike, you have extra chances at First Strike at the start of the encounter.

Stay tuned for more information regarding armor bonuses, as more will be added in future armors!

Shadowforged Armor Stat Previews:

Agni’s Offering

Craft material: Agni Horn
Max+ Atk: 3604
Max+ Def: 3202
Ascension+ Atk: 4154
Ascension+ Def: 3731

Aeolian Abomination

Craft material: Aeolian Crest
Max+ Atk: 3528
Max+ Def: 3322
Ascension+ Atk: 4058
Ascension+ Def: 3821