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02-21-2016, 12:16 PM
Hey everybody,

Just wanted to make a quick up to date guide regarding how to get better armor in game if you don't want to spend from your wallet or just want cut down on using your daily free gems from adds to save for a larger purchase of chance chests. I will mostly be talking about armor fusion and heroic mode farming. Looking for help on heroic mode? Adisty has kindly made us a guide for that with the last update.

Epic boss

This is the main way to obtain free epic armor. Beat the boss 15 times, get a set, use gold generated from building to forge it. beat the boss 43times, and you can craft the plus version if you leveled the normal variant to lv 35. Problem is, early on it can be difficult to level these up or you may not have a proper element match for the boss each week. Farm the epic version of relic ruins ruins for snakeskin if you're having troubles armor leveling.

Later on, those normal versions of old epic boss armor don't really have any use. That's were the next piece comes in.


This is perhaps the best method of getting decent armor early on. The epic boss armors do get slightly stronger each week, but the normal versions obtained don't have much on what you can get from a good fusion. It may take a few weeks to save up old armor, but combining pieces can get pieces that have a stat total of around 4300 at lv 99. Just keep trying, and eventually the good stuff will come through. The knights and dragons wiki has a list of what can currently be obtained via fusion.

Sadly, we are yet to see plus versions of armor become available from this method.

Raids and wars

If you have a fairly active guild, getting into the top 1000 shouldn't be all that difficult. Epics are often handed out during these events, even if they are on the weaker side. Just use them as fusion fodder, either to level up better pieces if epics are not needed, or to obtain something better by combining. Check the rewards list each event, since the rank needed for epic armor rewards is prone to change.

Heroic mode

Want a guaranteed epic? Want one that's actually good? As it currently stand heroic mode gives out 2 pieces of epic armor each time it is available. This mode can be tricky though, since you should be around lv 80 to really attempt to clear it's first half entirely. Collecting crystals during this event lets you craft an epic that usually has a stat total of around 4900 at the time I am posting this.

Now why am I bringing this up when this is a more advanced part of the game? Well, if you got lucky with combining, sometimes the armor you just got can pop up as a heroic mode reward, and if you leveled that piece up to lv 35, you can skip the second half and just do the first 8 levels to get the plus version. Do bvoth if you can though.

So hopefully this helps some of you out. Yes, this game does require patience, and a lot of it at that. On the upside, since it does take a bit over a month to really get going in game, that's about 900 gems in your pocket from the adds- almost enough for that 54 chance chest opening offer or nearly 2 openings of the ring and amulet chance with 54 chests per purchase.

Some common sense suggestions- wait until there is some form of giveaway like a bonus 3x chance of epics from the ring and amulet chest before spending on that particular one. The primary armor chance chest to go after should be one with a 2x chance of a dragonforged-10x for df +, unless that plus version only chest looks good. It takes 2x as long though and then some.

David Bowers
03-07-2016, 03:39 AM
Nice guide :) what legendaries would you suggest farming on the map to bridge the gap between the big 4 and those armours in this guide?