View Full Version : Ruinous Crate / Legacy Units

[PM] President Hightower
02-17-2016, 11:27 AM

Operational Dates:
Feb 17 03:00PM PST - Feb 19 02:00PM PST

Operation Details:
Watch your rivals get wrecked with these awesome units in your army!

Includes Legacy Units: Obtaining these soldiers will result in potentially gaining old, high-value bonus units released long ago.*

High-Bonus, unstackable units available in this event:

[INFANTRY] Panama Ghost: ATK: 78,363; DEF: 78,362; BONUS: 10% Missions Payout
[AIR] Dawn Hybrid Fighter: ATK: 463,243; DEF: 363,977; BONUS: 10% Air Defense
[INFANTRY] Krahang's Marksman: ATK: 276,902; DEF: 200,516; BONUS: 15% Infantry Attack

Possible Loot:

[GROUND] Ruinous Viper ATK: 69,824,901; DEF: 69,824,901
[INFANTRY] Ruinous Eliminator ATK: 79,846,828; DEF: 68,017,668
[SEA] Ruinous Type II ATK: 92,004,575; DEF: 72,289,310
[AIR] Ruinous Strike Bomber ATK: 91,840,281; DEF: 121,741,769
[GROUND] Ruinous Street Sweeper ATK: 126,506,291; DEF: 161,008,007
[INFANTRY] Ruinous Responder ATK: 185,323,502; DEF: 208,981,821
[SEA] Ruinous Battleship ATK: 216,210,752; DEF: 243,812,125
[AIR] Ruinous Scorpion ATK: 303,615,099; DEF: 419,277,993
[GROUND] Ruinous Mars Defender ATK: 435,378,794; DEF: 386,090,629

Collection Goals:

Common Collection: Collect all Common items from the Ruinous Crate and receive: 1x Panama Ghost*
Uncommon Collection: Collect all Uncommon items from the Ruinous Crate and receive: 1x Dawn Hybrid Fighter*
Rare Collection: Collect all Rare items from the Ruinous Crate and receive: 1x Krahang's Marksman*

* Please note, these units do not stack. Be sure to check your inventory if you have already owned one of these items.