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12-09-2015, 01:59 PM
Greetings Lords and Ladies!

We would like to let you know about some improvements which are currently in the works for Kingdom Age. Please note that some of these changes are closer to being implemented than others and that while we hope we can implement all of these changes, we might not be able to due to resource limitations.

Short Term = Next 3 months
Long Term = Next 6 months to a year

Short Term:

1.) Trials update + LTQ changes:

The Trials feature of Kingdom Age is not where we would like it to be. currently we are working on updating it so that the rewards for Trials scales correctly to the player.
The goal of this update is to reward players with gear relevant to their progression in the game for events and goal chains that they can begin and complete at their own pace.
This will ideally give new/low level players a clear path to viable gear and progression.
LTQs may be scaled back or changed in favor of events which center around the completion of various Trials goals.

2.) Store Revamp

An update to the player store is currently in testing. We hope to give players more/better purchase items by the beginning months of next year.

3.) Beginner Bundle Pack Update

We are currently working on updating the low level/starter bundle packs in the next few months to make them more appealing/viable.

4.) Guild Citadel UI

We are working on making the Guild citadel UI more clear. We would like to communicate the bonuses for the guild's current level of GC and the next level of GC so that guilds can know what kind of bonuses they are working towards.
We are also aiming to update the UI to make it easier for the player to see how many guild materials they currently possess

5.) Crafting

The crafting menu should now be correctly displaying correct amounts required for instantly completing crafting jobs.
We are also working on lowering crafting times for some of the more basic crafting components in the near future.

6.) Basic Hero Equip

Basic Hero Equipment should be available for purchase for outfitting low level players/armies in the next few weeks

Long Term:

1.) Crafting

We would like to take a deeper look at the crafting system and add a table of exciting new items available for crafting which make the crafting system more engaging.
On top of adding new items available for crafting we want to find more ways to distribute crafting components as part of events and gameplay

2.) Guild Citadel

We would like to remind players that the Guild Citadel feature is still in its infancy and in the next six months when Guild Citadel is rolled out more fully there will be many changes made to this feature including changes to how materials are distributed.

3.) PVP

A long term goal of ours is to improve PvP events and bring them back.

Thanks for reading!

12-11-2015, 06:11 AM
How about instead we just get rid of trials altogether?

12-12-2015, 03:13 PM
thank you for the update, we win extra allies in pvp. we can add them but we cant drop them, pls add a remove grunt allies from our army's.

12-12-2015, 09:03 PM
Please remember when /if you change the trials 1) the nightmare trials take too long and the rewards aren't worth the XP or energy requirements
2) we liked the PvP , just leave the gem buildings out of the equation
3) the LTQs are obviously all mirror images of each other with just the names changed.
4) I think we like the guild LTQs but they are just too long and the energy gets insane
5) although not mentioned , I must mention the raid boss and epic boss events : the last raid boss was a little better , but heroic was just too long . I think you know how the KA community feels about the recent health of the epic bosses : if you want more players to use gems and buy equipment , you must make them think they could finish the event. right now only the top 1-5% of players even have a shot of finishing the epic boss. Bake the epic boss 100 bosses again . No one wants to kill 150 boss ( although so few players can)

12-13-2015, 06:55 PM
But how long will any of these changes last?

If you recall, when the Epic Boss changed to requiring Hero equipment to beat it,
you posted that the rewards from the Epic boss would be units that would help us to defeat the Raid boss and vice versa
That is, the rewards from the Raid boss would offer us Hero equipment to better enable us to defeat the Epic boss.

You changed that without any warning as far as I'm aware.

The only Hero equipment offered now is from war ...or available to purchase.

12-24-2015, 07:12 AM
Long Term = Next 6 months to a year.

So, this game is scheduled to last at least another year. Nice.

01-27-2016, 03:27 PM
I would like to suggest also that among the things Gree is thinking in improving or being back, they REALLY need to bring energy and health pack prizes. EB used to have it, some LTQ or pvp had them, need to bring them back to create incentive to players. Many players get frustrated and discourage at the fact that if they can't afford to buy gems they won't progress and decide to retire. Many have left the game due to the fact that is TOO MUCH TIME CONSUMING, energy demanding to do quest and all about spending...No good incentive at all where on top of all this the prizes don't even make your army or don't give any increase stats or bonuses in any area

Lord Vyper
02-03-2016, 07:51 AM
One of the main problems is still that we need new player to keep the game alive. Offering the old boost health and energy boost units is a good way - but this is for already more addicted new player because not many will spend this amount of real money into a game they have just started.
At the moment there is a big gap between player with Gingerbreads and those without because those without (especially on lower level) can not afford the new units and equipment that others can buy for gold in the store. Those that missed the Gingerbreads have no chance...
So again I ask you to make the gingerbreads permanent available in the store - and please also a permanent possibility to get at least a 2nd upgrade. This would give new player the chance to test the game for free - than decide if they want a bit more by buying the cheap gingerbreads and the possiility to do 2 upgrades at the same time (this one should also be cheap - think there was a unit for 100 gems in the store some time ago....)