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12-04-2015, 02:17 PM
Hello Kingdom Age Rulers, Kings, Queens, Lieges, and Masters!

It has been a long time we know. However, we would like to bring back the feedback thread.

This thread is for you to post your valuable feedback on Kingdom Age. Every month or so we will post a new feedback thread so you can conveniently post your opinions on the game. This thread will not only give you an easily accessible place to share your thoughts with us, but it will also consolidate your feedback making it more efficient for the Kingdom Age live operations team to gather and report to the Development Team.

The intention of the thread is to collect the ongoing thoughts of our players. It is not meant for discussion. To discuss a specific topic please create a separate thread on the General forum.

When providing feedback, please keep it constructive, on-topic, non-inflammatory, and break it down into the following categories:

In-Game Events
Customer Support
Game Stability & Issues
Game systems such as Guild Citadel and Crafting

We are currently especially interested in your thoughts concerning the Guild Citadel and Crafting features of Kingdom Age.

Please note that this thread is not a substitution for reporting bugs and issues to Customer Support.

Thank you,

The GREE Live Operations Team

12-04-2015, 02:50 PM

1. How can we trust what we see in the game when it can be changed due to a "display error" to what was originally intended? We don't know what was originally intended, just what we see.
2. Energy requirements are becoming ridiculous on LTQs.
3. Boss health, need I say more?
4. What happened to PvP and limited time buildings?
5. Crafting needs better items to craft. Period.
6. Customer support needs to be able to respond to tickets in a more timely manner. One week between responses is not a timely manner, I would be happy with 48hours at this point. Something other than the canned response that is sent when the ticket is submitted.

12-06-2015, 06:57 PM
Guild Citadel:
We truly want to be able to see what we have for militia et al without having to go in to donating.

We only use this when a special event comes on such as the pumpkin or turkey event. We do like being able to craft potions and the like.

Game Structure:
I wish I could sort or search my allies.

Raid Boss:
Having the bosses appear with the most recent kill at the top of the history and have them pattern down to the very first would be awesome. It is difficult to go see what you have earned. Militia? Trade? Bog Ship?

Reinstating the ability to sort guild members by conquest points would be really nice.

12-09-2015, 08:27 AM

The Guild Citadel is currently a wasted effort on your part. There is very little player interest because it seems impossible to accrue construction items for most guilds. 99% of the guilds are stuck on the same level and can't advance any further. So far the bonuses are pretty much worthless.

How about you make it possible to upgrade your citadel without having to have an individual spending a retarded amount of gems on box events? Maybe allow individuals to craft construction items?

How about giving us some worth while guild bonuses to buy, like health or energy regen? Or guild CP bonus? Or EB attack bonus? Either make new bonuses available through Citadel upgrades, or just unlock more standard bonuses to buy? You keep selling us all of these gold buildings, but for many of us there is nothing left to use gold on.

Epic Boss:
Honestly, a lot of players don't even bother with this event anymore. You pretty much ruined it, with the insane boss strength. And really, nobody wants to kill 150 bosses. Its tedious, and boring, and a waste of time. How about we go back to 50 or 100 bosses? And make the boss strength realistic. I know players who retired solely because of the changes to EB - you ruined the last event that they enjoyed.

Raid Boss:
The drops prizes suck. Seriously, the prizes have to be 10 times stronger to even make my army. What's the point of even giving drops away? Otherwise I don't have any problems with the current set up.

Make some LTQs that players can do for free or light gems. How are new players supposed to compete in any of these events with the standard +3 regen? By mortgaging their house? Do you really expect to attract new players with these stupid event requirements?

Leave war with the standard 72-hour event every 3 weeks. Stop adjusting it to 2 week intervals, or 36 hour wars, or (vomit) 6 day wars. Leave it as-is before you piss off more players.

12-11-2015, 06:10 AM
Also, your customer service/support team is truly awful. Can you make some effort to improve that? It is insulting how badly paying customers are treated.

12-13-2015, 03:25 PM
1) It would be nice to have health bottles and energy sales each month, you did this a few times in the past and it makes it easier for players to spend gems on a sale to complete events.

2) Adding a search button by first letter to find bonuses in your profile would save tons of time and would be appreciated. This could be done at the same time as the ally search that was mentioned above post

12-13-2015, 08:00 PM
I agree with everything posted above :
1) epic boss : you guys pulled the simple bait and switch . You offered hero items for purchase . A lot of players bought the packs( I admit , I bought a 14.99 pack ) . It took all 6-7 days , but I actually got to legendary. Then you raised the boss health to insane levels , where my 4400 cash attack means very little , and frankly , I'm not really happy about it.
Get rid of the massive health increase between level 33-34 , its rediculous and everyone hates it .

01-24-2016, 11:59 PM
I posted these in a similar thread in april 2014.
As far as I know, none of these have been taken into consideration or were fixed.

Extra features that would be great:

- Ability to sell units/equipment (due to stat increase lots of units/equipment we spent lots of gold on have become obsolete, would be nice to be able to get some of that gold back)
- Give (low amount) of gems as rewards for quests (like you guys do in 'knights and dragons')
- Show start time info for events (like you do in knights and dragons), e.g. by showing a countdown timer (like the one for war) in the events list starting 24 hrs before the actual start (since you changed the event start time, for Europe, events now start at 12 'o clock at night and I have been staying awake at times expecting a new event to be started and then finding out that at 0:00 that there was no new event)
- Show type of event in event list (e.g. raid boss, epic boss, box, mob, trial etc.)
- Move the 'fight now' button on the Epic Boss pop-up screen (after boss is triggered) so that it does not sit in the same position as the 'mega aatack' button (gems) for the next screen (I lost 75 gems on some EB rounds because I hit the fight button and thought nothing happened so I hit it again and it turned out my first tap was actually registered so now my second tap did hit the mega button which I didn't need to use at that time because I was still on the lower lvl bosses)
- Change auto-equip button for hero equipment into a pop-up where you could select something like 'max attack', 'max defense', 'balanced'. (Depending on the type of event you might want to have a different setup)
- Allow buildings to be moved while they are still upgrading/building.
- If you are upgrading the max amount of buildings and you hit upgrade on another building, you now only see the 'can't upgrade' message. Can you please at least show the upgrade cost on the screen, helps to plan ahead.
- If you sell a building, please show the amount of money you will get before you actually sell it.
- When not in a battle in war, or not currently fighting an epic boss, can you somehow add the option somewhere where we can see how much time is left before healthbar is full.
- Add stamina potions alongside energy and health potions?
- Can you remove all units with an inactive temp bonus from the View Bonus list (Individual TAB).
- Add a sort option to the guild members list on the Guild/Info/Members TAB (Sort by name/rank)
- Add an announcement check-box to guild chat message which results in a iOS push message (like when someone posts on your private wall) so that you can notify your guild about something (e.g. for officers only)
- Add a 'Last week' filter on the Ranking/Donations TAB of the Guild screen
- Add an attack button to the rivals screen when you chose to travel to the a rivals kingdom, it's terrible to try to find the tiny moving avatar between the loads of buildings on the ever growing kingdoms


- After an update in beginning of 2014!!, sorting on rank, name, damage or orbs does no longer work on the rank TAB of the raid boss screen
- Sort bug also exists on the Main TAB of the Conquest screen. It does no longer sort on Name, Wins/Losses or Points
- Fix the 'attack command center' text on the battle TAB during war (It's called CASTLE in kingdom age)
- Fix the news TAB which shows the people who attacked/raided you: It shows 'moments ago' for all entries.

01-25-2016, 11:20 AM
Thank you SavMach. This is all really good stuff. I can address one thing on your list:

" Ability to sell units/equipment (due to stat increase lots of units/equipment we spent lots of gold on have become obsolete, would be nice to be able to get some of that gold back "

We are currently brainstorming ways of implementing a feature that would allow players to make use of obsolete items in some way. The bugs you mentioned we might be able to address on a quicker timeline. Thank you so much for your feedback!