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Red BD
10-30-2015, 06:51 PM
this is a ticket I just sent. Aren't they supposed to disappear after 2 wins? Even if it now takes 4, shouldn't the attacker get the points instead of the attacked loser?

At approx 8:40pm EDT on 10/23 I attacked the DL of the rival a total of 4 times- I won all, but it wouldn't go down until the 4th. I got NO POINTS for this, but the rival got thousands. What's up? DL should've been down after 2?

And is this post not more than 10 letters??????,?

Vile Lynn
10-30-2015, 08:02 PM
hmm... never had that happen before, and I've hit a lot of DLs in the past.

DL rules have not changed. The rival syn gets Def IPs; you get zero for losing.

Maybe you had some lag?

Edit.... The DL should go down in 1 hit if you win. It takes 2 losing PAs to take down the DL: you get 0 IPs & the rival DL gets Def IPs which can be thousands.

Have another drinkypoo. ;) It'll all make sense.

Red BD
10-31-2015, 04:54 PM
Yeah, I took your suggestion and had that drink:
I know it sounds like they got points because I took the DL by losing (2 losing PAs or 10 regular losing attacks), but I won the first (regular) attack, as well as the next 3 (regular attacks) which seemed needed to get rid of the DL. And if it WAS lag, which I considered, it's an extra long and odd kind of lag as I checked after each win to see if he was down and took a bit to ponder why it was not. I am also a poor typist and after all hits wrote the ticket and post and it was still us: 0/ rival: thousand or so.
While I considered "lag" the odd thing was that it did not seem they were attacking anyone at that time, and IME if they were destroying our hideout with hits it wouldn't get them a thousand + points, and they didn't hit our DL ever, as far as I can tell.
Oh well, it has not happened again AFAIK.

Red BD
11-04-2015, 09:52 PM
Hey, got my RSVP from Gree!!!!!!!!!
They want Screen Shots, which I guess is not unreasonable request if I was asking for anything, but I wasn't. Just reporting a problem which happened to (it seems) one Forum participant (and Forum Participants constitute what?
Less than .1% of CC Players?).
Heck. Got the feeling I should just shut up. Certainly don't intend to take a picture of every gosh dang thing I do to prove.... Whatever to whomever.