View Full Version : Daily streak boost not stacking

10-18-2015, 05:58 AM
The prize for Streaks in the Cracks of Doom CoK event is not stacking. The prize is a Doomed Inquisitor, 9.4m / 7.7m with a +3% Raid Gild Payout. My guild has won 2 of these, but we only have the one boost.

This boost was clearly advertised as daily, and it needs to be stackable.

In a related note, the Doomed Eagle, the prize for the daily 12 wins, is stacking. We have complained about the daily win boost before, and that has finally been fixed.
We've never complained about the daily Streak boost before, because it was for Raid Honor, and quite frankly, who cares about that. Not worth the effort in the past, lol

The current boost, Raid Gold Payout is important, and we need this one to stack.

Sirius, can you please look into this? We need this one fixed

10-21-2015, 07:46 AM
Sirius. Please look into this. I just got an incorrect reply from "customer care" saying that they won't stack.

"Hi John,

Thank you for contacting Kingdom Age support.

I'm sorry for the confusion caused. Please note similar boost will not stack and as you are having the same boost units that is why it is not stacking. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.


This boost was clearly advertised for each day.
Other boosts stack, such as the ones for the daily wins

It's frustrations like this that are driving your paying customers from the game.