View Full Version : Syndicate Base Foundation

10-13-2015, 06:30 PM
Introducing Syndicate Base!

Crime City would like to announce the new Syndicate Base feature! We are releasing out to players a new feature specifically aimed at introducing syndicate focused content. This initial release will be the foundation of a larger set of features that expand on your syndicate’s very own slice of the Empire City underworld.

What Syndicate Base Foundation means to you!

In this initial release, you will discover new materials spread across various events that, when donated to upgrading the Syndicate Base, will unlock a host of new perks and bonuses only for your syndicate. These particular perks are permanent and live exclusively with the syndicate. A new syndicate member will immediately benefit from the perks unlocked by their syndicate.

To kick things off try bumping off a few rivals, you just might discover one of the new materials, Smuggling Power! Look forward to future announcements regarding the full Syndicate Base rollout and events that will focus on expanding this brand-new gameplay experience!