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[PM] Dredd
08-31-2015, 06:17 PM
Hello Citizens of Empire City!

Starting tomorrow with the arrival of Willy Commando, the raid boss event will see some major changes! The new Raid Boss event will include a leaderboard, new health mechanics, and henchmen to make for an exciting new event for all!

For the leaderboard, please note that the ranking for ‘Highest Level Boss’ applies only to the boss: Willy Commando. The rankings for ‘Most Kills’ and ‘Most Damage’ apply to all bosses. And finally, loot is divided into multiple tiers as before, however higher ammo spend counts give a better chance to earn valuable rare loot!

With all these updates comes a ONE time change in the time of the event. Willy Commando and his henchmen will arrive in Empire City at 5:00 PM! Please be sure to use this extra time before syndicates lock to coordinate with your syndicate on how to take down this new enemy on the streets of Empire City!

Event Start: 9/1/15 5pm PST

Event End: 9/6/15 2pm PST

[PM] Dredd
09-01-2015, 06:28 PM

Syndicate lock is now in effect!

[PM] Dredd