View Full Version : Oif recruiting!!!

06-30-2015, 06:46 PM
Tired of all the bickering from higher officers or maybe your leaders..Wanna join and new strong growing faction Operation Iraqi Freedom is accepting all applicants..NEW AND OLD...STRONG OR WEAK..we will grow together..I'm the only member in it right now with 9 accts and 2 were inactives en during the Chaos in the UK WDE this passed weekend and we still placed top 900 or around 851 to be exact...so if ur interested, all it takes is dedication and participation in all events..Gold is an option but FAR from a requirement. .If interested pm me..also, my main acct ally code is 248 745 839..Happy Hunting all and i hope to hear from a few of you..LETS DO THIS together as a Team!!

P.S. We use palringo ..it's a free download app..and if and when u do download it..search for [OIF 1]