View Full Version : Kotton Mouth Kings( Recruiting )

Andrew Burkey
03-23-2015, 12:09 PM
Kotton Mouth Kings are looking for players 100m+ which is very low based on only 5 members. Defence leader over 2.2B attack/def.

Alt Accounts are allowed to join but must be over 50m att/def

Must be active durring War , anytime else play when you have the time, we will not force those to spend their life away on a game.

Very Active Leaders and generals, General positions are open.

5/24 Members
27 Bonuses / -20% Health Regen
Very active Daily
2b+ Defence Leader ( could always change )

Faction ID :
296 678 333

KTM will be glad to have those intereted, give it a shot !

~ KTM ~