View Full Version : Pricken Stat Inflation

East Coast Bias
02-24-2015, 06:43 AM
Didn't we all learn what happens when you introduce hyperinflation aka growlers the first time around? Anyone at gree taken a course in macroeconomics and heard what happened in some of the economies that were ravaged by the same? And now you throw in another round of hyperinflation and couple it with a glitch? How stupid can you guys be? If you want to give SUP a bone, introduce a 750k unit. But why the hell would you price it at such where one could buy endless amounts of them? I would have expected them to be valor only units, so even if you had 100m valor saved up, perhaps you could afford 50 or so to start off. Are some of these concepts so difficult to think through in advance? No wonder the development team keeps hiding behind some imaginary cold all the time. What a crock of ****. You guys are pathetic.