View Full Version : Vapor Kings Legacy looking for members.

AoV Republic
01-12-2015, 09:47 PM
Vapor Kings Legacy, Laid back, easy going, but we get our stuff down. We are a top 500 faction, but sadly we lost some people and we are looking to reclaim top 500 again. (Please note we do use the chat app GroupMe)
Faction Bonuses
Infantry Attack: Maxed
Infantry Defense: Maxed
Ground Attack: Maxed
Ground Defense: Maxed
Air Attack: 5/7
Air Defense: Maxed
Sea Attack: 4/7
Sea Defense: Maxed
Guild Member Increase: +32
Health Regen time: Maxed
Casualty Rate: 3/7
Building Defense: Maxed
Building Output: Maxed
Are you ready to be a brother or sister in Arms.656-034-658 See if you got what it takes to help get VKL back to Top 500