View Full Version : Killer rabbits. Needs active players but respects your personal life/time

Random guy
01-02-2015, 12:22 PM
We currently have 11 open slots that need to get filled so we can get back on top.
763 815 859
we do not make you spend gold and just donate minimal $1mil a week and participate in all Faction challenges, 4000 WAR points minimum in WAR. we do respect your personal life and realize this game is for us to blow off some steam not consume our lives.

Health regen -30% maxed
Ground def +35% maxed
Infantry def +35% maxed
Sea def +20%
Air def +35% maxed
Ground attack +15%
Infantry attack +20%
Sea attack +5%
Air attack +10%
Building $.+35%
Building def +20%