View Full Version : Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it

12-25-2014, 12:03 PM
Merry Christmas to our community and our friends that we gained playing Gree games.
I wish to your families a joyful holiday,lots of happiness,health and prosperity.
And to you all more enjoyable gaming experience with new upcoming events with less bugs in the game.
Remember this is a game and no need to be upset about it,play it because of friends you have here and because you enjoy it.

Respect every person in this game and forum from players to Gree admins as in real life we need to respect each other,be more tolerant and more positive

You all have a big hug from me and other moderators and admins

http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/D8BB2E11-F918-4D4E-9B67-8E0C817EA4D9_zps74vmzfoq.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/D8BB2E11-F918-4D4E-9B67-8E0C817EA4D9_zps74vmzfoq.jpg.html)