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10-28-2014, 04:55 PM
Here are your amazing finalist. Please remember that all final game item designs will be left up to the game team. Refer back to the original thread for Official Rules and Regulations!


Voting will end 11:59pm PDT October 31! Good luck!

Hall of Heroes

An eye catching, extravagant temple that is a shrine to the fallen. It's a way for the community to remember those that passed on. Each level would give you a unit named after a fallen hero with a +5 hero points. The last unit would have an attack boost for all of your stats.

In game name: Shade
Forum Account: Shade (BFF)
Invite code: 840-103-409

Sky Temple

A temple in the clouds floating over the realm. Is Roman style temple with large columns on a elegant white cloud. Which can be placed over land or water. Is a health regen time boost building. Limit one building and goes up to a 20% health regen time bonus. Each upgrade adds 2% health regen time up to 20% for the final upgrade.

A strange wizard tells you of a magical temple in the clouds, and implores you to seek it out. The legends say it will increase the health and longevity of any who can unlock it's secrets. Seek the temple and face the guardians to prove you are worthy of its wisdom.


The Merchant Ship

The Merchant Ship can be used for a building quest. Every completed level of the upgrade will give you a certain number of crates with forging materials in a certain number of days. For instance: level 1 will give you a crate every 3 days, level 2 2 crates every 3 days and so on. Maybe this can be combined with a unit quest, in which you have to defeat a captain. First the blind captain, then the drunken captain and so on till the last levels, in which you have to defeat Jack Sparrow or Christoffel Columbus, lol. The final captain gives you a 33% lockbox cooldown.6915

The Lighthouse Island

This is a just a simple building, that must be placed on the water and can be bought with honor points. The lighthouse costs 2.500.000 honor points. It will give a +2 building upgrade, because it will make it easier for merchant ships to deliver goods to your kingdom.6914

The Windmill and the Wind God

This quest is a building quest combined with a unit quest with a temporary energy bonus for the building upgrades and a fixed bonus for the final unit.

Steps are as follows:

L01: Building a Windmill
L02: Defeating the First Wind God (unit with 5k A/D)
L03: Upgrading the Windmill to L02 (temporary energy boost +0-1)
L04: Defeating the Second Wind God (unit with 15K A/D)
L05: Upgrading the Windmill to L03 (temporary energy boost +0-2)
L06: Defeating the Third Wind God (unit with 25k A/D)
L07: Upgrading the Windmill to L04 (temporary energy boost +0-3)
L08: Defeating the Fourth Wind God (unit with 35k A/D)
L09: Upgrading the Windmill to L05 (temporary energy boost +0-4)
L10: Defeating the Fifth Wind God (unit with 45k A/D)
L11: Upgrading the Windmill to L06 (temporary energy boost +0-5)
L12: Defeating the Sixt Wind God (unit with 55k A/D)
L13: Upgrading the Windmill to L07 (temporary energy boost +0-6)
L14: Defeating the Seventh Wind God (unit with 65k A/D)
L15: Upgrading the Windmill to L08 (temporary energy boost +0-7)
L16: Defeating the Eight Wind God (unit with 75k A/D)
L17: Upgrading the Windmill to L09 (temporary energy boost +0-8)
L18: Defeating the Ninth Wind God (unit with 250k A/D & +10 fixed energy boost)
L19: Upgrading the Windmill to L10 (temporary energy boost +0-9)

The Wind Gods obviously are Pazuzus, the strenght of these units will increase as you progress. The units won't have a bonus, except for the last one, this will have a +10 permanent energy bonus.

Because a windmill provides energy, each and every upgrade will provide an temporary energy bonus. However... The energy increase will depend on the strength of the wind, the weather can be windless or there can be a storm. The energy increase will also depend on the Wind God you have, the First Pazuzu is not that strong, while the Ninth is the strongest...

Each and every time you start a trial, you will get a temporary energy boost, which will vary from 0 till the upgrade of the Wind Mill you have minus 1, but you never know which bonus you get. For instance: when you have a level 5 Wind Mill, you can get a temporary energy bonus from 0 till 4 for the trial you start (20% chance on 0, 20% chance on 1 and so on). This temporary bonus will enable you to do a trial faster or do a more difficult trial.6912

Goblin reaper
With crafting we can craft new weapons,one of the weapons can be and this one,
Blade with a boost - aliance increase of attack on 50 %

http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/BB11EA07-769F-4BD2-81D4-0E2D32982A54_zpsvhhxqqik.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/BB11EA07-769F-4BD2-81D4-0E2D32982A54_zpsvhhxqqik.jpg.html)

Kingdom age:
My code: 909164955

Treasure Island

Kingdom Age ID: 730-172-739
IGN: Sh@dow of Moppi

(water placement)

Island decorated with gold and jewels, with a large palm tree in the center. Single “pot o gold” on one side of the island surround by skulls of those that have tried to raid the treasure found on the island only to be defeated by the Barbarian Hordemaster Kroaphorus and his minions. Minions would be level unit rewards, and the Barbarian Hordemaster is the final unit reward. Could have intermediate levels like Dark Castle quest with enemies (minions) to defeat. Koraphorus is a half-demon half-human with barbarian gear (shield, spear or longsword). His skin has become blood red from the demon blood coursing thru his veins. His barbarian helmet once a mark of his power as Hordemaster has fused with his skull creating a horned colossus that is fear by all in the land.

Boost: Building Output or Raid Gold Payout
Level 1: 1% increase Unit Award: 2K/2K
Purchased with Gold: 200K
Level 2: 2% increase Unit Award: 8K/11K
Purchased with Gold: 375K
Level 3: 3% increase Unit Award: 22K/18K
Purchased with Gold: 550K
Level 4: 4% increase Unit Award: 30K/30K
Purchased with Gold: 800K
Level 5: 5% increase Unit Award: 38K/25K
Purchased with Gold: 1.1M
Level 6: 6% increase Unit Award: 45K/65K
Purchased with Gold: 1.8M
Level 7: 8% increase Unit Award: 70K/80K
Purchased with Gold: 2.6M
Level 8: 10% increase Unit Award: 120K/90K
Purchased with Gold: 4M
Level 9: 12% increase Unit Award: 250K/250K
Purchased with Gold: 8.5M
Level 10: 15% increase Unit Award: 300K/400K
Purchased with Gold: 14.2M

Dragon Island
Water Placement

20 lvs upgrades with a final boost on total +16 energy per min

L1 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon unit 100 k att/def
L2 upgrade +0,3 % energy increase
L3 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon unit 200 k att/def
L4 upgrade +0,7 % energy increase
L5 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon unit with 300 k att/deff
L6 upgrade +1% energy increase
L7 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon Unit with 350 k Att/deff
L8 upgrade + 1,3 energy increase
L9 upgrade (quest defeat monster)prize Dragon unit with 400 k att/def
L10 upgrade + 1,7 energy increase
L11 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon unit with 500
L12upgrade + 2 energy increase
L13 upgrade (quest defeat monster)prize Dragon unit with stats 550 att/def
L14 upgrade + 2,3 energy increase
L15 upgrade (quest defeat monster)prize Dragon unit with stats 600 att/def
L16 upgrade +3 energy increase
L17 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize Dragon unit with stats 700 k att/def
L18 upgrade (quest defeat monster) prize dragon with stats 850 att/def
L19 upgrade quest defeat monster) prize dragon with stats 1 million att/deff
L20 upgrade +3,7 energy increase

Dragons for each quest you can use those that are already ingame.
Quest should go with upgrades,almost every second level is one boss that you need to defeat to get the unit and move with quest and upgrades,gold purchase should be for each level..

The left side of island should be as diamonds and the right one green as a Dragon color,little dragon can be any color

http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/C7343A34-8B7E-4E5E-B790-DB421487DCBE_zpsso5zrglb.png (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/C7343A34-8B7E-4E5E-B790-DB421487DCBE_zpsso5zrglb.png.html)

My code: 909164955


Description of the unit:

The unit can be used on maps or new events.
He is night creature that crowls from underground when night come.
The unit is hairy,in brown color with grey body.

http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/3C1A80DB-7BA1-4FCD-8F52-5CCFB0256E71_zpsl16340r7.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/3C1A80DB-7BA1-4FCD-8F52-5CCFB0256E71_zpsl16340r7.jpg.html)

My code: 909164955

The Island of Bandits

This is a building quest. The building would actually look like a small island that players can place in the water part of their kingdom. Sort of like the temple of healing. The bonus that the building would provide is something completely new. Since it's an island of bandits, each time it levels up, it provides a 1% decrease in stamina regeneration time at least, maybe more. That way, people can raid faster and more often, and be, well, bandits in other peoples kingdom by stealing gold.

Invite Code: 840-103-409
Enabled Forum Account: Shade (BFF)

11-03-2014, 06:50 AM
Any idea when top 10 finalists and the winner will receive their prizes?

11-03-2014, 02:32 PM
Hello! I am excited to announce the winning entry of The Sky Temple created by Cloud22. Thank you to all who participated and voted! Prizes will be distributed by end of today!