View Full Version : [AMA] Ask the Team Anything!

10-24-2014, 01:55 PM
Join us October 31 and ask our game team anything! We'll being at 12:30pm PDT and end promptly at 1:30pm PDT! So grab some friends and ask some questions!

We will be joined by:
Engram: General Manager
&dra: Developer

We will unlock this thread at 12:30pm PDT sharp and will be open for live questions for an hour! So be sure to grab your pals. We'll answer as many questions as possible.

Additionally, asking questions for exact dates aren't going to get concrete answers as dates change often. So think along the lines of game design, future planning, etc.

Remember any posts that violate the Forum Code of Conduct will be removed. Furthermore, any post that attacks, insults, implies insults, harasses our game team will result in an immediate permanent ban. So keep it classy.