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Please place your vote in the poll above! Feel free to refer back to the original thread for guidelines: http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?99791-Player-Appreciation-Month-Design-an-Epic-Boss-Contest

*Winning entry is subject to change at the teams' discretion.

Santa Claws

Hidden in the frozen, arctic wastes there are stories and legends being told. Natives tell of a monster that awakens to feast each Christmas night. When everyone sleeps, it comes into the village, stealing people and livestock away for its dinner. Then once it consumes its meal, it falls into a deep sleep, sealing its cave until the next Christmas. A deep need for a hero has arisen. The village needs mighty warriors to defeat this monster in its lair. It is time to face the monstrosity, the hungry Santa Claws. Strike hard, fast, and true before the next victim is you!

I won't submit you to an awful rendering of what I see in my head (Can't draw anything), but to me, Santa Claws would have this wasted ghoul design, sort of like your ghoul king Unit design. He would have a ragged red robe on and a dirty white, knotted beard with bones in it. He'd have skulls on his belt and a bag full of bones. His hands would be sharp claws that are ripping into his bag. His face would be in a silent scream face, with fangs as teeth and bloodless lips. Skin is sickly and spotted with wrinkles and scars. Eyes would be white, pure white. His back would be hunched with some jagged spikes punching through.

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A backstory for your Epic Boss:

Drago,the dragon from the black mountain awaken by trolls mining the mountain to get the gold,angy dragon started to terorise the kingdoms and heroes are asembled to rescue the people and kingdoms and each try to stop the Drago in his intentions to destroy it all.

A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Boss looks like:

I whould paint him in black colors with red eyes.The picture i draw is by my hand and its unique.
Developers can adjust it as they want!
http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/21EBC11B-F6A3-4840-AAFD-F1FEC73CAB9C_zps994d8ov7.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/21EBC11B-F6A3-4840-AAFD-F1FEC73CAB9C_zps994d8ov7.jpg.html)

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A backstory for your Epic Boss:

Maharagesh the monster from east lives in hills,here and then he terrorize kingdoms in search for young virgin princesses.The knights comes to rescue princess from captivity !

A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Boss looks like:

I would paint his face and uper body in brown color,his legs in intensive orange and his hair too.
The picture i draw is by my hand and its unique.
Developers can adjust it as they want!

http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/29102544-C578-4DB8-AFAF-8F93CEC86E11_zpskxf7tirq.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/29102544-C578-4DB8-AFAF-8F93CEC86E11_zpskxf7tirq.jpg.html)
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A backstory for your Epic Boss:
Akara the deep sea monster,in search for the food she changed her habitat and found a cave near the shore of the kingdom and made it her home,she's apetit is big and she is not picky on meals she eated the cattle and peasants living there.Knights come to rescue the day and fight the monster!

A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Boss looks like:

I would paint his body in blue and green colors with yellow eyes.
The picture i draw is by my hand and its unique.
Developers can adjust it as they want!
http://i1323.photobucket.com/albums/u591/titan1978/B846CCDC-CCA0-418D-9747-714030D356AA_zps5s3n4we6.jpg (http://s1323.photobucket.com/user/titan1978/media/B846CCDC-CCA0-418D-9747-714030D356AA_zps5s3n4we6.jpg.html)

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Awaken Hades with Love
Hades was sick and tired looking after dead and put punishment to evil people. He step up to the world and create havoc. Athena the goddess was trying to stop him but was defeat in a setup. Hades also defeat and lock away 10 heroes who are on their way to the rescue.

You are to defeat all level of Hades replica and unlock all 10 heroes to assist you to release Athena from prison. You then with the help from Athena and the 10 heroes, to defeat 35 times of lvl 100 Hades which will then bestowed Hades with love and he will back to underworld to serve his duty.

The world will then back to harmony where everyone had their own duty to take care.

Artwork: Hades holding a pierce, with anger and fierce look. Heads cover with black cloud and thunder storm.

My Invite Code: 228-957-762

Epic Boss Event
I have a little suggestion to the event, you may take into consideration.

Celeste, Dragon of the Heavens

It is harvest time. People are busy bringing in their produce and preserving it for winter. But then, one night, a bright light falls to the sky. Rumors are being spread of a meteorite that fell into the barrens. Some brave souls went to explore the crash site, but they never returned. When a rescue expedition was mustered, all that could be found were their bones. Now, there is danger. Celeste, Dragon of the Heavens has emerged from the meteor. Her roar shakes the earth, and her eyes are like twin supernovas. She has the ability to bring the heavens down upon the defenseless world. Before her wrath rains stars upon the world, heroes need to be found. True champions are needed to slay the celestial dragon. Sharpen your blade and wits, and bring about Celeste's downfall. Be cautious, for dragons are the most cunning. Haste, before it is too late!

Again, can't draw whatsoever, so I will use my words to paint a picture. Celeste is a metallic silver dragon with bright blue eyes. Her wings are outstretched as stars, galaxies, and nebulas appear beneath her. Her tell hooks into a crescent moon shape. She's very sinuous, but has the strong hind legs, and clawed forelegs of standard dragon.

My invite code: 840-103-409

Active account: Shade (BFF)


Epic Boss (Level 100): (Part man, part vulture, part lion. I can’t draw either))

Epic Boss attack: cloud of dagger’s attack. Uses its feathers as it turns into a dagger to shoot at its opponent

Resting in the steepest part of the mountain where no man has venture, lies this monster, part man, part vulture, part lion. No one knows how this monster came about. But its rage, fury and anger terrorizes the nearby villages. Many heroes have tried to kill the monster, but none succeeded. They say the more you fight the monster, the stronger you become as it leaves some items for you to use against the monster.

Item 1 (level 30): Hide of Leviathan. Prolonged health
Item 2 (level 50): Shield of Achilles. Increases defense
Item 3 (level 80): Holy Lance. Increases attack
Item 4 (level 99): Vile of Asklepios. Restores health

or remove the dropping of the items and use it as a separate individual quest to be use for epic boss.

There’s a hero among us…

Invite code: 857-805-623 (Lordship)

Queen Greyshades

Back Story: Two iconic empires, Darcland and White Kastle, have been embroiled in a 100 year war for which neither kingdom will come to terms for peace. Both ruling families have given birth to heirs to their thrown's. The Queen of Darcland has given birth, to their son, Prince Noir Darcon; while the Queen of White Kastle has given birth to their daughter, Princess Heavenly Diaz.
Both Kingdoms, not wanting their children, exposed to the constant war, curry their newborns to a neutral kingdom, Greyslate. Neither kingdom is aware that their children are being raised in the same castle and family. The Queen of Greyslate realizes this may be the only option to unite the kingdoms and end the brutal 100 year war.
Both children are raised to be royalty while being taught the necessity of respecting other's difference. As the children mature; their friendship blossoms to best friends and then eventually romantic love.
When both children turn 18, their respective kingdom's come to collect their heir's to their thrown's; the competing kingdom's cannot believe what has occurred between the two young adults. Both rival kingdom wish to bring war to Grayslate...however Prince Noir Darcon and Princess Heavenly Diaz intervene and swear their undying love for each other and their wish to marry and unite the kingdoms.
Both kingdoms proved push back to the plan but eventually concede because they only want happiness for their children.
The birth of their first child, Queen Greyshade, brings peace to all kingdom of the land!

Queen Greyshade, should be an extra-ordinary beauty, with black hair with streaks of white and gray. She should have a robe with a mixture of white, black, gray, and blues that displays the combination of dark and light in their best aspects.

Scott the Great- KA

Profile ID# 998-440-229

Elvish Nightmare
Weapon: Arrow of death


An elf born in a line of family weapon experts in bows and arrows. At a very young age, this elf was already developing to be a master in using bow and arrow. Tradegy follows when an army of Orcs swarm his village which forces him to be separated from his family and fled to escape. He find refuge in a mountain where the dwarfs reside. The dwarves accepted him and continue his training with his bow and arrows. The elf helps the dwaves in their daily activities and in return the dwarves help him train to increase his strength and stamina. The elf stayed with the draves for the duration of his teenage life. Another tradegy struck when a bandits of men attack the dwarves fort to steal thier treasures and taken several slaves. One of them was the elf. The bandits of men where fascinated with his ability that they decided that in exchange for his life that he should join them. So he decided to join them in thier ventures. During his stay with the bandits he develop an ally who help him improve his skills in stealth, speed and agility. He also starting to loose his sense of self as he and the bandits of men plunder any town they see whether its elf, dwarves or even men. One day, as they resting in the bottom of the mountain. A group of dwarves caught them by surprise and attack them and killing them one by one. The battle was come to a halt when an army of Orc attack them. Fascinated by the way the elf fight, the Orc eventually captured him and start turning him into one of them. They send him to a wizard who uses black magic to transform him to one of the orcs killing machine. He's an elf like but not quite an Orc. It seems somewhat a success as he follows orders from the wizard. The wizard has to treat him regulary so it is easier to control and train him. As time goes by, he developed to withstand pain. Then so much anger,hatred, and power has develop that he started to loose control of himself and his identity. He started killing anyone that he sees. It came to a point where the wizard can't control him anymore. He ended up killing the wizard as well. Now this elf is on a rampage and leaving a pool of blood every where he goes. Is there anyone who can stop him?

Kingdom Age ID: 857-805-623 (Lordship)

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Hello Folks! I am super excited to announce Scottthegreat and their entry Queen Greyshades as the winner! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who participated. Prizes will be distributed by October 31st.

11-02-2014, 06:24 AM
Hello Folks! I am super excited to announce Scottthegreat and their entry Queen Greyshades as the winner! Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who participated. Prizes will be distributed by October 31st.

Hi Clementine- I have yet to receive the gem bonus for the top finalist and winner prize for the EB design.

Shade CBD
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Hmmm......I don't have my top 10 finish prize either