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10-14-2014, 07:51 PM
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If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at designing a character for a game, now’s your chance! We are holding a “Design an Epic Boss” Contest! Create a unique character worthy of terrorizing the streets of Crime City! The winning submission will be used to create an Epic Boss that will appear in the game!

Ten finalist entries will be chosen by Community Managers. The final winner will be determined by community vote!

Contest Schedule

October 15th through October 27th (12 Midnight PDT) - Entries Accepted
October 28th - Ten Finalists Announced
October 28th through October 31st (12 Midnight PDT) - Community Voting
November 1st - Winner Announced
Where to Submit Your Entry

Please post your entries in this official thread.


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Your submission must be your own original idea and cannot infringe on the copyrights of another individual, corporation or entity
Submissions must fit within the theme and feel of Crime City
Submission Requirements

When submitting your entry, make sure that you include the following

The name of your Epic Boss
A backstory for your Epic Boss
A description and/or artwork of what your Epic Boss looks like
Your Invite Code
An active and enabled forum account (winners will be contacted via PM)
Judging Criteria

Your entry will be judged on the following criteria

How well your entry fits the theme of Crime City

Ten Finalists
100 Gold
Top Winner
250 Gold
Restrictions and Conditions

Limited to 3 entries per participant
Prizes can only be distributed to the game you are designing for
Final submission acceptance and eligibility is at the discretion of GREE
Your Invite Code must be submitted with your entry in order to be eligible to receive a prize
Final implementation and depiction of the winning entry will be at the discretion and final approval of GREE
While the contest winners will be announced November 1st please note that final implementation of the winning Epic Boss will be done at a future date and will be announced on the GREE forums.
GREE reserves the right to alter or revoke a winning entry at its discretion if it is found that the entry does not comply to the rules of the contest

10-15-2014, 02:29 PM
Alphonsus Ricci the older of twin brothers and eldest grandson of Ella Ricci.
After the 1st Crime family has been run out of town by the top 3 crime syndicates Alphonsus reunites the Ricci Family and is elected the head of the organization and tries to re-establish his family rightful position in Crime City.

beat 100 bosses:
-design:ring with emblem design
-name: family crest
-mod +5 energy every regen cycle
-stats: whatever is appropiate
beat daily syn goal:
-design:elegant cane
-name: Ricci's Cane
-mod: enemy size reduction -1
-stats: whatever is appropiate
beat 100 bosses and syn goal:
-design: private security guard
-mod +10% health regeneration every cycle
-name:Ricci security detail
-stats: whatever is appropiate

Meanwhile his twin brother Adolpho is rallying up support from disgruntled syndicates members to lead a "Raid" from within the top Organizations

Alphonsus Ricci- tailor made Fine Italian suit, elegant cane
Adolpho Ricci- track/jogging suit, brass knuckles and baseball bat

My invite code: 930 467 135

Mr. Nice Guy
10-15-2014, 05:11 PM
Michael Seymour

The youngest of 7 children in a poor italian community was outcasted for revenging his fathers death on another family and decided to start his own gang of other outcast like himself and he wants to rule the empire but you cant let him.

Beat 100 Bosses
Design: Hand held .50 cal mini gattling gun made from solid gold a pistol grip on the bottom gun is 18 inches long with a 100 round drum clip and a shoulder strap
Name of Weapon: Mike's Mini Massacre
Beat 100 Bosses SYNDICATE GOAL
Design:12 foot bull whip with the last 6inches splits and looks like a cat of nine tails has glass, nails, and razor blades.
Name:Mike's Devastator

Michael Seymour is wearing black dress shoes a solid black suit and a green tie fading black hair(almost grey). And a trenchcoat to cover his gun AKA (Mike's Mini Massacre)

My Invite code is 316-247-068

10-16-2014, 05:39 AM
The art of wartails

Each and every epic boss from 1-100 has a relation to the top 100 teams in the previous 3 day battle. Each boss is named after the team that finished in that position but making the name into a shooter/shot for the first 50 and working up to a cocktail/neat drink named after the top 50.

So for instance the level 1 boss would be 'German Special Forces shooter'. Boss 35 would be 'Sick N Twisted slammer'. Boss 50 'HORSEMEN of APOC4LYPSE Mojito'. Boss 75 'Sunnyvale WooWoo' and then boss 100 is 'The Art of War, on the rocks'.

Each boss will be a man in a tuxedo holding a drink that is relevant to the size of cocktail each one has. So a shot glass up to a tumbler for boss 100.

The prizes:
Finish 100 individual - shot glass blood dripping down the edges (armor) 100k attack and 180k defence with a 10% armor defence bonus

Finish 300 per day syndicate goal - each day earn a blood soaked cocktail dress over a limousine bonnet with bullet holes riddled in the car (car) which has 23k Attack and defence with a 2% increase in car attack.

Wrapper prize for finishing both - 300k attack and 289k defence with 10% IP increase in battles.

Code - 178 708 099

LoG William
10-16-2014, 09:34 AM
Meet Scurvy-Gums Bryan, a pirate wanting to spread fear where ever he goes, is now on a run with our gang's money ! Beat him 100 times and you'll get an awesome Epic Boss prize (a gun (176attack; 145defense) which comes with a +20% Gun Attack bonus).The gun is called Brian's Skull Penetretor and looks like this: http://www.ikigaiway.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/pirategun1.jpg
On top of that, once you kill Brian you will retrieve your stolen money. For every player that kills level 100, the syndicate will recieve 24times the amount of the player's IPH. For example, if your IPH is 15,6M, a total of 374.4M (24x15.6) will be donated to your syndicate. Concerning the wrapper prize, it's a melee weapon and it's called Brian's Head Chopper (276 attack; 248 defense) which comes with a -20% battle health regeneration time (5 hits every 100 minutes instead of 4 hits every 100 minutes). The prize looks like this: http://images.costumeexpress.com/mgen/34847.jpg?zm=1600,1600,1,0,0
The syndicate prize is called "Brian's hot show" (32'769attack; 36'457 defense) comes with a stackable +2% Wall Damage and looks like this:http://www.tousenlive.com/client/files/h/hardcom/pochette-dynamite-100-0392.jpg

Biran looks like this from level 1 to level 50: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-otDuHSTswiw/UtLyN75FgcI/AAAAAAAAAew/74yNsIQRB0E/s1600/pirate.png
Above level 50, Brian gets really bruised up and ends up looking like a pirate zombie: http://www.andreaeurope.com/fotos/andrea/Serie-General/detallegran/SG-F106-04.jpg

There's my entry, on top of that I'd like to suggest something new which can spice things up a little: Why not integrate a special prize which is awarded for players who get all loot items ? Once level 100 boss dies, random level bosses get summoned: level 5s,35s,65s,95s and 100s. That way, we do not need to slow down and wait for the syndicate goal to open up, we can just go ahead and kill level 100 and hope on getting low level bosses summoned after. It'll also able players who are missing level 5's loot items (for example), to collect their missing loot even though level 100 has been killed. I think we should award any player that puts in a lot of time and effort into this event, let's reward activity and speed ! If this idea would be accepted, here's the prize for collecting all loot items: Brian's Compass (325 attack; 286 defense) which comes with a -25% Building Regenation time. For example, if you have a building that gives out cash every 32 hours, it would take only 24 hours to regenerate the cash with this bonus. In other words, your IPH goes up by 25% (IPH x 1.25). The prize looks like this: https://lh4.ggpht.com/K8EV5r84vsYXIHm3uFVF5iHWkFmfMw3HnjS3iy7BquIGTVkNl0 X7VYSo8bIOxAYWSoQ=h900
Good luck to all !

NOTE: if this idea can't be made possible just ignore it, I'm just pointing out new options that could make the game more fun :)
Some other players, may copy my idea, please check time and date, this is my original idea :D
LoG William, 414-604-903

10-17-2014, 07:20 PM
Entry #1:

-Contractor Toejam

-Minimum wage contractor Toejam is sick of his crummy job and even crummier boss who constantly yells at him for everything. Well he's had enough and has decided to go on a rampage across Empire City, and it is your job to stop him!

-Contractor Toejam has big hairy arms and a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm. He's wearing a gray t-shirt with the sleeves ripped and a yellow construction hat. He has an evil grin on his face showing his tinted yellow teeth and a gold tooth.

Award for knocking down 100 bosses: Toejam's Chainsaw 85,193 att 80,236 def +15% melee attack


Award for daily syndicate goals: Toejam's hammer 23,836 att 25,428 def +2% Influence Increase


Award for completing 5 of the 6 daily syndicate goals and knocking down 100 bosses: Toejam's bulldozer 219,427 att 198,863 def +20% Hideout Damage


Invite Code: 154-028-402 (tel:154-028-402)

10-19-2014, 10:13 AM
Apparently you guys are too lazy and lack creativity to even design a boss! Epic fail!

10-23-2014, 07:27 AM

THE DEVIL was trapped in hell or all eternity until the syndicates of crime city awoken him now its time for the syndicates to pay the price and defeat and trap him agene before he takes over the city and drags everyone to hell

the prize for defeating the level 100

prize/gun/ the devils due !!!
weapon/ flaming sorn off shot gun
stats/ 65k attack and 80k defence
mod /10% mafia defence

finishing 300 bosses
THE DEVIL'S flamed knife
150k attack 175k defence
2% IP increase in battles

wrapper prize
Fate Decider
300k attack 365k defense
+1 Building Construction (you can build 2 buildings at the same time)

each boss will be in a city with broken buildings in the back ground will be fire and the skys will be red
and the character will be a devil red with flaming horns and black chest hair with a fire fork in his hand

invite code : 937 354 854

10-23-2014, 06:43 PM
Stopping Anthony "The Bomber" Rizzioni

Finally out of jail for the armed robbery he didn't commit (for once), Anthony Rizzioni is out for revenge against the man who sent him to prison for 13 years. Former police officer and newly elected mayor of empire city is that man. Out for blood Rizzioni gathers his team of hit men and hackers to infiltrate City Hall to attempt his hit on the mayor on Nobember 17th. Luckily someone has tipped off the mayor and he has tasked your syndicate with eliminating the threat at all costs. With time and options running out you and your syndicate must hurry, the fate of empire city rests in your hands.

Description - Anthony Rizzioni is a 42 year old former banker. While standing at only 5'3" he was 174 pounds of pure muscle with keys tattooed on each arm. Has short grayish hair from his time in prison. He wears a 3 peice black suit and a black hat.

Daily - "Planted Microphone" 28,295 attack 24,205 defense with 2% armor defense mod

Individual - "City Key" 89,105 attack 116,492 defense with 15% melee attack mod

Wrapper - "The defuser" 241,395 attack 210,592 defense with a 10%IP modifier in honor of the 10th month being customer appreciation month.

Game name and ID number - Gingeasian 467381051

10-25-2014, 10:52 PM
My epic boss is named GŁnther Klaus. He is a German immigrant that grew up in the slums of crime city. Poverty stricken as a boy, he quickly joined a street gang in his youth. This is the only type of life he has ever known and he will do whatever it takes to survive. Rising up through the ranks as he grew older, GŁnther quickly became the head of his gang. He is ruthless and will do anything to gain power. Other gangs quickly succumbed to his power and joined forces. Soon he was the leader of a powerful syndicate that consisted of all the castoffs of society. He now has his eyes set on taking over your turf for supremacy of crime city. You must now muster your entire syndicate to oppose this threat!

Appearance - Tall, with a very muscular build. Eyes are blue and have a look of wisdom and menace behind them from all of his years on the streets. Rugged looking and wears just a t-shirt and jeans.

Daily 300 Prize - Melee weapon: GŁnther Electric Baton 22,222 atk / 22,222 def / +2% melee atk mod
Individual 100 Prize - Vehicle: GŁnther's Assault Van 100,000 atk / 70,000 def / +2% influence mod
Wrapper Prize - Explosive: GŁnther Trojan Bomb 214,483 atk / 197,542 def / +10% building output

Invite Code - 686145454

10-25-2014, 11:22 PM
My event boss is Jimmy "the midget". Jimmy is a dwarf standing 4 ft tall and has a serious little man's complex. After years of ridicule Jimmy decided he was no longer going to take any more crap from anybody so he decided to join the police force. After years of hitting the beat he developed a reputation as a hard-nosed crime stopper. Criminals feared him because of his cutthroat tactics and no holds barred attitude. In his precinct crime was down 25% and that got the notice of the top brass. He was approached by the chief of police to be the head of an elite crime squad. He is out on the streets of crime city and shutting down syndicates by using the RICO Act. He has his eyes set on your syndicate next so you must be prepared to stop him.

Syndicate 300 - Armor (Jimmy's Badge) 20,419 atk 25,473 def +2% influence
Individual 100 - Gun (Jimmy's .357) 89,576 atk 83,298 def +1% mafia atk
Grand Prize - Vehicle (Jimmy's Copter) 212,754 atk 199,854 def -1% opponent mafia def

Invite Code - 718 061 697

10-26-2014, 11:44 AM
Entry #2

- Crazy Tom

- Crazy Tom has just escaped from prison and is gathering a crew to take over the streets of Crime City. Stop him before he becomes too powerful and holds the greatest threat to you and your mafia!

- Crazy Tom has white hair that sticks up and a huge evil-like grin showing a bunch of missing teeth in his otherwise perfectly white teeth. He has a shirt with writing on it but you can't tell what it says because the letters are faded.

Prize for knocking down 100 bosses: Tom's Hatchet -15% bank deposit fee reduction 98,476 att 102,668 def

Syn Daily Goals: Tom's Knife +2% melee defense 19,207 att 23,725 def

Award for completing 5 of the 6 daily syndicate goals and knocking down 100 bosses: Tom's Saw +20% influence increase.

Invite Code: 154-028-402

10-26-2014, 11:53 AM
Entry #3

-Doctor Herbert

- Mad Scientist Doctor Herbert has just discovered a way to create weapons of mass destruction and is planning to take it out on the residents of Crime City, Stop him before it's too late!

- He has white hair that sticks straight up and goggles over his eyes that are wide open. His eyebrows are singed and he has a crazy looking smile in his face. He's wearing a white lab-coat with an acidic green stain on his chest. He has his hands out in front of him with his fingers spread out and touching the other.

Prize for knocking down 100 bosses: Herbert's Scalpal 100,234 att 99,524 def -10% heal regen

Syn Daily Goals: Herbert's Tweezers 19,238 att 18,423 def +2% armor attack

Award for completing 5 of the 6 daily syndicate goals and knocking down 100 bosses: Tom's hitlist 213,497 att 204,870 +20% building output

http://yorehab.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/good-bad-list-10.gif <-- Looks like this but with the words "Hitlist" on top

Invite Code: 154-028-402

LoG William
10-26-2014, 02:53 PM
Entry #2

Meet Mike Rivera, Carmen River's husband (Canal Street) has now been released from jail after a 15 year sentence and he's seeking revenge for all the bad things our gang did to Carmen over the years. Let's knock him down before he does any damage to our crew !

Here's what Mike looks like:
http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130509065752/hitman/images/3/38/Hitman_silent_assassin_art.jpg (bold man wearing a nice suit with a red tie)

Beat 100 times and get the M195 Sniper Rifle (106142A; 88661D) which come with a sweet bonus, +20 mafia members (You'll have 520 mafia members instead of 500). Here's what the prize looks like: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120118153958/hitman/images/a/a3/Custom_Rifle1.jpg

Beat the boss 300 times per day with your syndicate and earn Mike's Hot Ride (45255A; 25240D) with comes with a stackable mod, +1% More Influence. Here's what the ride looks like: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-yQflXXHxQxw/Up9qb-QDymI/AAAAAAAAXJM/b1v5ciIGWz4/w506-h750/batmobile.png

The Wrapper prize is called Mike's Briefcase (285485A; 235397D) which comes with a +20% More Cash from Buildings. The prize looks like this: http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/1357082921_Business%20Money%20Briefcase.jpg

Good luck to all !

LoG William
10-26-2014, 03:49 PM
Entry #3

Lia Vaccari, a prostitute that comes over to our headquarters once in a while, stole our money when one of our mafia members opened the safe to pay her for a night and we want it back ! Here's what Lia looks like: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/08/56/20/085620bb773f5ef73d08e7b16043d3a2.jpg

Beat her 100 times and get Lia's High Heals (105934A; 97462D) which comes with a +20% Hideout Health, here's what the shoes look like: http://blog.shoemetro.com/images/brass-knuckle-mary-jane-pumps.jpg

Beat her 300 times a day with your syndicate and earn Lia's Deadly Neckless (48596A; 39748D), this prize is awarded with a stackable bonus, +1% Mafia Defense. Here's what it looks like: http://cdn4.fashionablygeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/brass-knuckle-necklace.jpg?22a92a

Finally, get 5/6 Lia's Deadly Necklass and receive Lia's Whip (296723A; 269345D) which comes with a +3 Energy Regenaration mod. Here's how her toy looks like:https://ridingisflying.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/county-special-xlong-lunge-whip-800x343.jpg

Done :)

10-26-2014, 06:39 PM
My idea for an epic boss is Giancarlo Stanley. He is the son of an affluent family with an English father and Italian mother. Born into privelege, Giancarlo was educated at the best schools in the nation and graduated from Harvard with a Masters degree in business and technology. Upon graduation Giancarlo worked at several investment firms as an analyst and IT expert. His career was skyrocketing, but he had one major problem. He had an addiction to gambling. With his debt spiraling out of control, he begins resorting to stealing millions by using his technical expertise. Overcome with greed, he continues to amass a fortune and slowly expands his empire. He uses his wealth to control the city and buy out officials. He has his sights set on controlling everything so he hires some mercenaries to help him control the streets. He is after your turf next so you must be ready to destroy him.

Beat 100 Times: Melee (Giancarlo's Laptop) atk 85,453 def 97,354 *+20% building output

Syndicate 300 Times: Vehicle (Giancarlo's Bulletproof Limo) atk 19,242 def 25,905 *+2% Robbery Output

Wrapper Prize for completing both goals: Armor (Giancarlo's Business Suit) 200,232 atk 240,350 def *-10% upgrade time

Invite Code: 807 656 228

10-26-2014, 09:17 PM
Meet 'Sandi Claws'

Sandi is a 6' 6" stunning Scandinavian Blonde (think Victoria Silverstedt before the work!); she was the Big Guy in the Red Suits 7th Daughter & was definitely, a Devil in a Red Dress...

Sandi had a very sweet tooth & was thrown out of the North Pole for stealing all the Christmas Candi & destroying the North Pole workshop; while in suger overloaded stupor...

Like all waifs & strays; she eventually wound up in Crime City, quickly catching the eye of Don Simone Farzini; leader of one of Crime Cities largest & most powerful Families.

Alas, their relationship was very short lived...

On their Wedding Night, Sandi crushed his neck, between her powerful thighs & then, set about removing any of the Don's Capos, who refused to follow her. She got their attention & loyalty; after she brutally slit the throat of the 1st Capo who refused to accept her; taking great pleasure in licking his blood of her stiletto blade!

Sandi suffers from severe moods swings, caused by her Candi addiction, which is impossible to be slated by anything other than her Father's Secret Recipe. These withdrawals have turned her into a freakishly twisted version of her former self but, only the bravest (or stupidest) person would ever say that to her face...


Candi still dresses as she did back home; in knee length black leather boots; wearing a long red cloak with a mink fur lined hood. Candi uses a broad black leather belt to tie the coat tightly around her figure & has all of her 'favourite' toys hanging off it, like a webbing or utility belt. This, obviously includes her infamous, stiletto blade 'Candi's Kiss'.

Candi's Plan is simple, take over Crime City & then, the World...

Since taking over Don Farzini's Family, she has put her energy & his families immense resources, into trying to recreate
her beloved 'Candi' & she's getting close... She has managed to create a special Candi which makes her followers stronger than normal & she bestows these special 'favours' on all who please her...

Syndicate Goal - 300 Kills
Reward - Candi's Favour (Armour) Atk 25,250 / Def 25,120 + 2% Mafia Attack (stackable)
(image should be of either a single or bag of round sweets - the wrapper being deep red, embossed with a gothic style S

Individual Goal - 100 Kills
Reward - Candi's Kiss (Melee) Atk 108,250 / Def 82,125 +5% Building Upgrade Time
(image should be of a Commando style Stiletto Blade with Black Hilt & a Black Blade - Gold inlay runs down the centre of the blade from the guard to the point. The bottom of the hilt, just above the guard has a deep read thread wrapped around it & the middle of the hilt has the letters S C embossed, in a gothic styles

Reward - Sandi's Sleigh (Vehicle) Atk 251,250 / Def 122,525 +5% Mafia Defense
Candi's has press ganged some of Crime Cities best Scientist's into creating her own special rocket powered sleigh; with which she plans to break into & destroy her Father's workshop; stealing all of the families secrets & using this knowledge to get the World addicted to her Candi & therefore, leave everyone completely at her mercy...
(image should be of a large Sleigh, with an open cockpit, clearly showing 1-2 rocket engines to the rear. Once again, the Sleigh will be a Deep Red with the letters S C embossed in Gold along the side, in a gothic style. various weaponry & explosives could be added; as she's planning to make a big entrance when she returns home!

NB: pretty sure that I have yet to receive the 100 Gold for being a Finalist in the previous October Appreciation Design Event...
& I definitely was not contacted by PM about this...

Invite Code - Mimi 542 387 207

•An active and enabled forum account - Zippy69

10-26-2014, 11:19 PM
Meet the Kosov twins. Vladimir and Natascha are Russian twins that were sent over from Russia by the Russian mafia to take over crime city. Both have model good looks and are tall, fit, and imposing. Vladimir has scars down the side of his face from his stint in the Russian prison system. His sleeves are decked out with various Russian mafia tattoos and his chosen weapon his a koch p30 with a silencer. His twin sister is clean cut with flawless skin and a killer smile. She like to slit her adversaries throats with a variety of small, concealed knives. They kill first and ask questions later. Their next target is the leader of your syndicate so you must do whatever it takes to join together and stop them.

Boss will trigger as normal (one of the twins) with the exception that both twins will appear 1 out of 10 time chance. If you defeat both twins (double strength) 10 times then you get additional goal prize.

100 prize - Kosov Private Jet (vehicle) 83,759 atk 79,349 def / +1 building upgrade
300 prize - Kosov Omerta Blade (melee) 85,673 atk 86,347 def / +2% influence
Wrapper - Kosov Sniper Rifle (gun) 238,527 atk 214,395 def / +20% building output
Prize for beating both twins 10 times - Kosov Molotov Cocktail (explosive) 138,724 atk 99,993 def / building duplication (allows you to build any building ever released for the same initial cost) (can now have 3 copies)

Invite Code - 686 145 454

10-27-2014, 11:03 AM
Entry #2

Cyborg S.A.M.
The Mayor of Empire City has commissioned Empire Science labs to develop a weapon to assist the police force in a Street Assault Mission against the crime lords running rampant in the city. A team of scientist and engineers and have developed an Artificial highly intelligent Cyborg who primary mission is to eliminate the city Crime lords and dismantle there syndicates and make Empire city once again a safe city for all.
beat 100 bosses:
-design: same as "mech armor" different colors
-name: Cyborg armor
-mod: 15% armor defense
-stats: whatever is appropriate
beat daily syn goal:
-design:futuristic type grenade
-name: Cyborg bombs
-mod: 2% explosive attack
-stats: whatever is appropiate
beat 100 bosses and syn goal:
-weapon: Gun
-design: similar to gun used in “mech armor” design
-name:Cyborg Cannon
-mod +3 street assault deploys every regeneration every cycle
-stats: whatever is appropiate