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  1. New quest: raid Apothecary to start?
  2. additional upgrade?
  3. Mob farming... Server error.
  4. ATTACK and DEFENSE Stats Dropped since Sunday?????
  5. New Pvp quest and alchemy labs building
  6. 10/15 Heroic is 8x alchemy labs. what the hell are those??????
  7. This Is Crazy
  8. New Raid Boss please
  9. Can't hit the raid boss
  10. Raid Boss wothout orbs???
  11. KA not starting with iOS9
  12. Losing extra energy every kill
  13. [LTQ] The Death Aquatic - Issues?
  14. Lmao, first the war is an hour early, now it's gone!
  15. Is there going to be a gem sale?
  16. Gree does it again!
  17. Not a moan at GREE
  18. Two box events at once?
  19. War Results
  20. No war prizes yet
  21. Lmao. What is Jobs Payout?
  22. Oops, the Axnar's Shell Ballista for the guild daily is not in our inventory
  23. COK leaderboard
  24. [Event] Breaking the Mold 1/20
  25. Pretty fed up with PVP matchups
  26. Probably a stupid question but....
  27. Temp boost on the Axnar's Shell Ballista
  28. potions as rewards
  29. Sigh...The boost for the Chromium Guard is coming up different than advertised
  30. Gree refuses to award war prizes
  31. Not possible to hit EB anymore...
  32. EB level 100 cannot be killed
  33. Too bad
  34. 8% Quest Exp!?
  35. Cerulean dreams goals vanished
  36. Continuously spinning loading thingie
  37. Cluster?
  38. In a shocking new twist ....
  39. Thank You, Gree (seriously)
  40. SERVER response is HORRIBLE!
  41. RB Event
  42. Gomnar the Denticulator / Rock Salt Ruckus
  43. iOS 9.0
  44. Cannot log in to server ? IOS 8.4
  45. Coal Dust Clash
  46. [How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus? Read This First!
  47. What game are we playing?
  48. Sad news from DragonLance Heroes
  49. Very Low Participation on Leaderboard event
  50. Problems with PVP Event
  51. Seriously Gree??? you expect us to spend TON of gems for a TEMP haste bonus in ILTQ
  52. Axnar's Shell Ballista disappeared from Bonus-List
  53. Please Tell the TRUTH, how many wasted gems onthe Haste ILTQ for a TEMP bonus
  54. iPhone 6S Plus Heads Up!
  55. iPhone 6S Plus Issues
  56. low on stones
  57. Box event up but no boxes are dropping
  58. EB boss damage: are you kidding?
  59. Purchase not credited...
  60. Top 300 Indy prize changed after we all gemmed for it.
  61. Gree and players: dialogue of the deaf ?
  62. EB & 40% sale, is this a desperate GREE attempt to meet Q3 revenue targets
  63. Still waiting...
  64. Nothing to spend our gold on!
  65. Why are the effreeti's still invisible
  66. Will there be LTB's any more?
  67. Crafting weapon and armor not available to all players
  68. Suggestions on how to make Box events better
  69. Has GREE abandoned this forum?
  70. Incorrect boost for Aggressive Crag Assault, Normal
  71. Raid Boss Levels Completed But Not Advancing
  72. Can't summon boss 90
  73. adjusting some events and for free or light gem players
  74. Normal Vs Heroic
  75. RB95 timed bug...
  76. Is this an error to ?
  77. Trials gone crazy
  78. PVP is a horror now
  79. Glitch during Raid Boss
  80. Spookdom Age!!
  81. Gree you keep giving us crate events but alot of us can hardly get crates, pleasegive
  82. Please change the rewards for trials and pvp
  83. Buying units
  84. Please update energy refills
  85. Daily streak boost not stacking
  86. Guide to stats
  87. War Matchups
  88. 2 week cycle???
  89. Where are the Pumpkins?
  90. wrong rewards in chests for guild-trial?
  91. Master Slayer boss counter not working correctly!?
  92. $29.99 pack actually charging $34.99 GREE !!!
  93. How do you complete Spookdom Age 16/x-20/x?
  94. Ok Sirius, did you (Gree) lie to us?
  95. Are the old chest units going to be removed ???
  96. WHAT A JOKE THIS LTQ, 30/30 Heroic is a TEMP Bonus
  97. Splash Screen Chest scam kills yet another gemmer
  98. Sirius, Please pull the plug on the next EB
  99. Sirius or Dredd, could you please tell us if this EB is bug free
  100. Spooky Coffins? Real or Mythical?
  101. War start time, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  102. Ice troll 15/20 LTQ kills not counting
  103. AMAZING........a war events of 36 hours that requieres teams to win 36 battles
  104. Game Center log in issues
  105. bug in Limited Time Units October AND November
  106. Game Features Not Functioning
  107. Ok Gree, what's with the Guild Citadel?
  108. Boss 34 in EB
  109. Reasonable timeframe?
  110. Guild Donation tab
  111. GREE, please fix your clocks
  112. firey doom - cannot complete it based on game day offerings
  113. Trial Quest Broken
  114. WOW!!!! New gem buildings with a 7+ million gold payout (at level 1)????????
  115. The Alliance Attack Boost for the Mount Inferno Medicine Man is broken (Trial Quest)
  116. The way we get citadel materials is not fair at all!
  117. start package for new player
  118. Lol, Gree at it again
  119. Citadel Foundation: infernal spawn - 3 drops don't exist
  120. HRB is frozen
  121. Worst Raid Boss ever
  122. Citadel error
  123. What are M'Lady's Turkey Chests?
  124. M'lady's Turkey Chests!
  125. Fail to logged in ?
  126. Changes in the game
  127. Why bother with EB?
  128. Lmao, +1 Max Building Upgrade for the top prize in the Arachnid Box event
  129. Mispricing
  130. RB is broken. This is a joke.
  131. No more PvP quests?
  132. Boss quest brainstorming
  133. BUG: Arachnid Box rewards
  134. Why do we play ?
  135. Drop rate for Arcana is broken
  136. Is tapjoy working for anyone?
  137. Sort the servers out
  138. What is -3% Energy Back?
  139. Missing war prizes
  140. New equipment, great!
  141. Midwinter Building Sale
  142. What does 10% health increase do ?
  143. Schedule for Next War
  144. Changes to Conquest of Kings Guild Leaderboard Rewards
  145. Orbs went from yellow to blue
  146. Energy Glitch????
  147. Slow match times
  148. Its crazy tp put a trials quest on during war
  149. New chests don't open
  150. Beast of bones 20% health regeneration not stacking !
  151. Wtf? War in 2 weeks?
  152. 10 events, plus war in 11 days? GREE killing us
  153. Gree, why would we want +5% upgrade time?
  154. Bllodstained Peaks 1/15-1/16
  155. Let's help Gree with some new game ideas!
  156. Latest dataset breaks PVP
  157. Hey Gree, no more 30 minute battles
  158. unable to accept someone to the guild or to leave a guild.... please help!!
  159. New Store Items are absurd
  160. Oops, we're missing the guild portion of the Ferryman box event
  161. Can we have limited time building quests again?
  162. Challenger Crates
  163. Sooooo sloooowwwww
  164. New Box Event..............GREEdy only wants...........100 books for a NO BONUS unit
  165. Bug fixes?
  166. Gree, what's with the War Prizes?
  167. Trouble Purchashing Boost Buildings
  168. Issues with Gree not registering players to log on to the forum
  169. Old school ka....
  170. Two founders at the same time...wtf?
  171. Another "bug fixes" update
  172. Please give new player a chance!
  173. GREE removed 126-300 health bonus reward for upcoming war
  174. Hey Gree, it's time to increase the maximum level
  175. Why does the daily unit for wins stack, but the streak prize does not stack?
  176. Why can not get the special item after purchase ?
  177. The Legend of Saint Valenti
  178. Omg, the servers are soooo slow
  179. Drop Bear Madness
  180. Was trials quest removed
  181. Old units being re released
  182. More guild bonuses
  183. Omg, 90 XP for each Mummy Mage!
  184. Another scam?
  185. GREE....PLEASE stop stealing our Rubies and Energy with the "Error server connection"
  186. [St. Valenti Quest] PLEASE READ!
  187. Where is A Fungus Among Us?
  188. [AMA] Player Moderators
  189. Boss health lower than the amount of damage needed to collect a prize for the kill🙈
  190. Wall building
  191. Account switching problems (out of sync?)
  192. No war rewards posted yet, war starts in less than 2 days
  193. Moving stats
  194. Are the boost buildings available for a limited time, or are they going to stay?
  195. Gears of conquest pack
  196. Inconsistent ILTQs
  197. Blight Mania quest
  198. Spiny circles are slowing KA to a crawl
  199. Zalora The Venomous: Changes to Epic Boss
  200. oakhaert lizardling sage +1% magic attack bonus not stacking
  201. Omg, Gree get some faster servers
  202. Box event madness
  203. Blighted Oak: New Additions to Raid Boss
  204. New upgrades are available
  205. Building Upgrade to lvl 11?
  206. A 1BILL UNIT For upgrading your lender to lv 15 ???
  207. Deep Roots Jumpers !!
  208. Raid Boss Cut Short???
  209. What does the player base think of this Raid Boss?
  210. Never Ending Energy iLTQs
  211. Changes in Conquest of Kings: Battle at the Blighted Woods
  212. Changes to Lockbox Event: Thereís Always a Bigger Fish
  213. Changes to LTQ: Coal Minerís Slaughter
  214. Beware the Elixer Crate rip-off
  215. Elixir crates
  216. I have never played KA. should I try it?
  217. Sort / sticky quest list
  218. Raid Boss, Orbs, and You!
  219. Max Building Upgrades
  220. An open letter to the Big GREE:
  221. the Colliers March 24hr event
  222. Why the increase in stamina cost?
  223. Individual Quests
  224. Skill points
  225. Missed haste quest because I'm in a different time zone
  226. Unfair time settings for haste quest
  227. Email spam from Gree?
  228. LOL, did GREE kill jumping?
  229. Why do we have server issues with every new event?
  230. Gree, what's with the + Attack boost?
  231. Ok Gree, what's +3% Lockbox Open Rate?
  232. Eb power attack boost?
  233. Gem Required Guild Quests!!!
  234. Sever errors
  235. BUG? jumping with tokens doesn't work anymore
  236. Pretty hard to farm for orbs when you get a "Connection Error" every time a boss dies
  237. Crytal Mania 3/4 snail tank missing
  238. Natty brew box event
  239. LTQ Haste Goals
  240. Incorrect boost on the Risen Exalted Demon.
  241. What is a Star Shard, and how do we get them?
  242. Upcoming War Rewards
  243. Justification for changes
  244. orbs
  245. Need help from administrator or moderator please
  246. Omg, the Indy wins are still messed up
  247. Streak goals are over the top!
  248. Skill Sheet Resolution Not True
  249. Please explain war goals and communicate ahead of time
  250. Skill points