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  1. Is anyone past level 10 yet?
  2. IOS or Android ?
  3. Thanks GREE
  4. Where is this game at in the App Store?
  5. This game not on android?
  6. Update Available
  7. Purpose of alliances
  8. Update
  9. Name change
  10. Best way to train?
  11. Any mods here ?
  12. Loading times
  13. Recruit problems
  14. Event?
  15. Donations???
  16. Some needed things
  17. Moderator: game is down
  18. Game/Server stiill down
  19. Unable to Donate ~ Admin?
  20. Why I've stopped playing this game
  21. Suggestion: Sorting Units
  22. Dread Coast 3rd Crate not obtainable
  23. Blaise Pascal once said
  24. Countermeasure units
  25. Player opinions
  26. Consolidated list of Bug reports
  27. bug after newest update
  28. Missing rewards from last verses event 😡
  29. Event Ideas and Key Upgrades
  30. FAO-Tadaah whats to come?
  31. Guild lost one of our market bonuses?
  32. Really weak UR and SR units
  33. Is action going to be taken against top two alliances?
  34. Alliance ranking causing huge concern!!!
  35. Has energy regen slowed down??!
  36. 7/21 PVP event will not load ATTN MODS
  37. 1 day into game and need advise
  38. Buffering problem
  39. Loading Game Screen Problem
  40. Please tell me how this is possible?
  41. More Information
  42. Lost game in factory reset of phone
  43. Ideas on new units.
  44. Operation Condor Rage - Tips for beating level?
  45. Carbon micro-mesh
  46. Evolve/Increase unit rarity/Add star in name
  47. Rewards for Alliances
  48. World chat?
  49. 2 units exact the same, but a different name?
  50. League of Boring
  51. What exactly are you doing about the cheaters Gree?
  52. What is going on with this game??
  53. Win streaks in versus - tips and thoughts
  54. Game will not load after latest update
  55. Padaaah/admin how about answering some questions!
  56. Tadaaaaah -please check current leader board for cheating
  57. Gree insulting customers now? (Tadaah please read)
  58. Epic Boss Battle Strategy
  59. Gree is listening?
  60. Upgrading to L50
  61. Daily login rotations
  62. Common dominance
  63. Leveling/Training Guide
  64. guilds..rewards
  65. PvP mission
  66. Ikenga III
  67. Need some clarity in versus event.
  68. Fix the rewards and among other things.
  69. Examining PvP Points Reward Accumulation
  70. SR and UR stats.
  71. which variant?
  72. Rockies Road(expert)
  73. League of War APP?
  74. Kind of ridiculous
  75. Missing rewards
  76. Game turns off and dosn't give prizes
  77. New Reinforcements Option
  78. Calling all Boss Battle Tacticians!
  79. BOSS Battle Basics - Newbie Guide
  80. Hello GREE! Can you hear me?
  81. How is there a Level 48 player on the leaderboard for the boss battle event?
  82. Reactions to Walvis Bay, Nambia event (Epic Boss Event #2)
  83. League of War: My Review and Thoughts for Improvement
  84. Leaderboards have not reset for some members
  85. Factions
  86. Tips for Strongarm Tactics
  87. Why is this week's versus event short? Tadaaah, please shed some light.
  88. Road to ruin
  89. confusion
  90. Lost equipment!!!
  91. Squad Save Slots
  92. Defeating SR and R Hastaus Prime
  93. Rewards for Winning Campaigns
  94. Do you just go for it in the events...or build up the bonus....
  95. 3 days? Seriously?
  96. Glitch. Not getting rewards under progress report
  97. Invasion event, no leaderboard
  98. I saw this and had to smile to myself.
  99. This week's boss event
  100. For admins
  101. This is not right!
  102. New Sejanus. Thoughts?
  103. Dragon Claw Campaign
  104. Just joined lvl 2 looking for advise
  105. Was up with this game lately?
  106. Tank Warfare sqaud
  107. Real smart do a update of the game in the middle of event
  108. Feedback on Event Rewards
  109. After update LoW logs in/reboots EVERY time you use your phone
  110. Somapura Slam- HELP!!!!
  111. "VIEW" broken after update - cannot promote new alliance members!
  112. PvP broken
  113. I wish I had...(name unit)
  114. This tank be a thorn in my side every time
  115. Advice for newbies
  116. Feature Requests
  117. Base Report?
  118. Beginners help
  119. Is there something wrong with Boss Battle points accumulation?
  120. Please answer the boss points question Gree
  121. New Campaign objectives and stars awards
  122. SR and UR Officers!
  123. Boss event : Is anyone following the numbers?
  124. Possible problem with Compaign Objectives/star awards
  125. Power Boost
  126. Sabotage, Recruiting Woes and Farewells
  127. Whats up with the 'Wait...' when trying to deploy units?
  128. Versus Event Rewards
  129. Invasion Event Glitch Injustice
  130. Reward For Reaching Level 250
  131. Moral boosts
  132. Cast your votes, it's Election Day here in the USA
  133. Wolftotem: The Rise and Fall of a Legacy
  134. What happened to PVP battle points Gree????
  135. Question about PVP and black market power ups
  136. Are The Keys Random?
  137. Did the key rewards get worse?
  138. Mining with the Demon - Invasion
  139. Boss event - Steel Wendigo
  140. Event schedule
  141. Distress Calls
  142. Was there an UPDATE last night??
  143. If your device dies or needs a 100% refresh, are you SOL with your game inventory??
  144. Do you now experience stalls in the game?
  145. Information About Alliances
  146. The Mystery Of The Leaderboards
  147. Epic: new level of rarity
  148. Pvp gonw super hard
  149. Great Bombard?
  150. Helicopter only missions
  151. Where Have All The Prizes Gone?
  152. Guinea Pigs?
  153. Nagoa nightmare
  154. What We Need Is A Store
  155. War Chest Special only works if you spend $50!
  156. Gold Chest Bonus question for Mods
  157. Time for a Market Correction
  158. Are UR prizes forever gone now?!?!
  159. Re: Boss Event...no listing of Boss Level
  160. More feedback on Event Rewards
  161. Alliance battle?
  162. Alliance bug
  163. Thanksgiving!
  164. Alliance Wars
  165. Welcome back, Tadaaah!
  166. Alliance War Questions @ Tadaaah
  167. 144000000 points on the leaderboard?...
  168. Alliance awards
  169. Key exchanges?
  170. Unit revamp
  171. Missing alliance war rewards.
  172. Might of the worker as a reward??
  173. All I want for Christmas
  174. Time needed for UR reward
  175. Friends
  176. Contact Us
  177. Did Gree modify some of the Units?
  178. Android and Account Transfer
  179. I've accumulated 101 gold keys
  180. Officer Units - proposed change to developers
  181. What is the problem with Versus (PVP)?
  182. Presents for all!
  183. Distress Calls
  184. Merry Christmas to those that celebrates it
  185. Epic and 130%?
  186. Silent Swan
  187. Happy New Year from Terminus
  188. New Year Eves Event
  189. Countdown to New Years Event
  190. Where are the alliance wars?
  191. Under handed tactics cost us our win streak !!
  192. Fraud account
  193. IMPORTANT: Changes Made to the Apple Exchange Rate and VAT Policies
  194. A theory
  195. Same alliance war glitch!
  196. LoW crashed and went dark
  197. Alliance War Rewards
  198. Whoa what a deal!
  199. Whats up with the SUPER STEROID HULK units we're fighting?!?!?!?
  200. Concerns and Improvements
  201. Anybody else having problems with the 11 gold keys thing?
  202. Frozen Game and no response from support
  203. Gree, please bring back alliance wars
  204. Freezing bug and alliance chat down
  205. Tadaah, please help restore our alliance general!!!
  206. feedback: squad leaderboard
  207. Ebolamonkey
  208. Survey
  209. Enough with the new units!
  210. Bring Meaning To Versus & Alliances Back
  211. Multi-device sync issue
  212. Level - Elite
  213. A New Update Coming Soon?
  214. SpaceK in Irons is a jealous prick
  215. 4 weeks and issue/ticket still not resolved.
  216. transferring game data from iPad to iPad
  217. Length of Events
  218. WAR Leaderboard totals
  219. How can i see all list of alliance war table
  220. "Chance" for epic units
  221. Boss Rewards
  222. Can't get daily challenges to load
  223. Boss Event - Total Stagnation
  224. Tadaaah help me please i cant get boss rewards
  225. Invasion Event - Back To Square One
  226. Tadaah, need some help here...
  227. What happened to the squad leaderboard?
  228. Request
  229. Tadaah help me about daily challenge
  230. Why Players Quit The Game.
  231. survey for Gree.net
  232. Anything worth playing again....
  233. What about some defense?
  234. Multi Game Centre De-activated
  235. App Keeps Crashing
  236. Bug with Silent Swan?
  237. How Do I Upload A Photo To My Account?
  238. Chance of Epic Unit in Gold?????
  239. Superfly recruiting!!!!!
  240. Help! My account is locked.
  241. What is wrong with this company
  242. New Units?
  243. Disabled account
  244. Poorly Designed Units
  245. Boo, to the no UC Trainer cards this week
  246. Alliance wars
  247. In-Game store
  248. Preferential Treatment?
  249. Banned account!
  250. Bugs