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  1. Server down?
  2. GREE it is unacceptable to data push that shuts down the servers during leaderboard
  3. Hama's Sideshow LTQ
  4. Skill Point Distrubution
  5. Hama's Sideshow LTQ Jobs and Rewards List
  6. Tam: thank you & congratulations
  7. A nice new touch
  8. Gree'd up
  9. Molly Maguires
  10. can we get a function where we can rate rivals?
  11. If I was an international company...
  12. Is it possible to sell/pass on my game?
  13. This is what a LTQ SHOULD be.. Good job Gree
  14. Selling a building back...
  15. Carnival Crate Winners List
  16. why so many blind attacks?
  17. Real quick about the LTB goals
  18. CC on windows phone htc 8x?
  19. How many respect points are you sitting on?
  20. So level cap increase?
  21. GREE just banned my forum account for no reason, anyone else ?
  22. holiday explosives
  23. Will there ever be a modifier for building upgrade decreased cost again?
  24. Skull Smasher modifier?
  25. Which Syndicate has the coolest Signature for their members?
  26. Will Consecutive wins matter?
  27. R.I.P LG - Please Share Your Favorite Moments You Had With Him...
  28. Settling Grudges, how how how
  29. LTBs have a lower sell return than others?
  30. My Crime City Strategy Evolution
  31. Clitch? ... Sweet Vengeance awarded?
  32. Help !!! Illegal Automaitics !!!!
  33. Gree, why not do something positive that shows you don't hate your players?
  34. Gree thank you: original ganster killers no parley
  35. Battle Strategies?
  36. Happy one year anniversary Famous When Dead!!!!
  37. new syndicate war prizes
  38. Phone crashed & was reset by Samsung support: how to restore the game?
  39. How many Illegal Automatics does your Syndicate have?
  40. Cheap Gold via iTunes/google Play card discounts: post your finds here.
  41. What is the name of the bingo game
  42. Who's ready to see Molly Maguires in battle?
  43. What will go wrong today - Predict Now
  44. GREE...why haven't you fixed the Android glitch? Battle list keeps resetting to top!!
  45. Fastest Points in War History
  46. Taking over the Boardwalk Event
  47. It's funny that...
  48. urgent response Gree contact support please.
  49. Greed I hate u so much!
  50. Can log in only 3 minutes at a time!!
  51. Track your Win Progress here!
  52. reinstall the game, still without any extra steps required?
  53. Can i get my account back before the battle ends? please??
  54. Shafted?
  55. Does "half the points if the wall is up" apply to Defense Leader as well?
  56. This can't be legit.. Is it?
  57. Terrible matchups in Battle
  58. Dear Matchmaker
  59. A Message From Molly Maguires to all Syndicates in the Game
  60. in a syndicate my job is to scout when i attack opponents all i can see is the
  61. Need a syndicate!
  62. My stats
  63. Syndicate List
  64. Why we battle this teams
  65. i'm getting very close to WINNING this game.
  66. effed up matching - 3 matchups with SAS.
  67. Retired Account?
  68. C'mon Gree why not?
  69. Must read
  70. My "Camper" Account: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
  71. The Real Reason Big Money Retired
  72. Thanks to Molly Maguires
  73. old phone is destroyed, is there anyway to get my old account back?
  74. Bring it on
  75. What this forum is becoming
  76. We beat Molly
  77. @Molly Maguires
  78. Molly Maguires Song
  79. Can we have SAS please?
  80. Robbing Buildings
  81. What's the highest IP your Syndicate has ever gotten in a battle?
  82. How can i get my password?
  83. Please fix the display for androids
  84. Why has FC been ducking SAS this whole weekend?
  85. Silent Assassins Undefeated.. Guess Fight Club was SCARED
  86. So, no one noticed?
  87. Quick Question
  88. Anyone from Original Gangster Killaz2 here?
  89. Farewell To the Mankini
  90. Disgraceful Match Up
  91. Gree mistake??
  92. Graveyard Rampage
  93. Attention everyone please do not accept this person
  94. Syndicate Lockdown
  95. Gree Fix This Please!
  96. Crime City and Modern War battles on same weekend?
  97. itunes gold
  98. Tap joy
  99. Blood And Bone LTQ
  100. Gold bonus
  101. Blood and Bones LTQ Jobs and Rewards List
  102. No one's claimed their account was hacked...Guess SAS was SCARED
  103. Top 100-200 team MUST READ
  104. Why are CC and MW wars on the same weekend this month?
  105. Performance of syndicates in broadwalk bash synd goals
  106. (MoM)... And Other Tags of Terror
  107. I need tips how to increase stats w/o leveling up to much!
  108. 50 Wins - Did your syndicate make it?
  109. What group app does your Syn usess?
  110. Cant donate illegal guns no longer?
  111. Battle Strategy -IP Minimum Requirements
  112. Why no Syn showdowns PVP events?
  113. IPH Building
  114. LTQ glitch! Help!!!
  115. Server down?
  116. How Long Does It Take You To Make 100 Million Dollars In CC?
  117. PayPal
  118. Thinking of selling Shiners and No Interest... Should I?
  119. Do u still care about exp after lv 100?
  120. Curious: how many syndicates completed the 12 wins in a row streak event last war
  121. 25% modifier not working?
  122. Who wants PvP event ?
  123. Illegal automatics?
  124. Rogues Gallery is Breaking Up!!
  125. Changes to the Gold Bonus Program
  126. Crime City in China?
  127. new gold bonus program sucks I quit after 10 grand flood grees inbox players union. u
  128. Stopped By To Say Hello👍👍
  129. Advice on quitting Crime city?
  130. Forget about the gold bonus just tell me where
  131. Who do you think will be the new top3 team??
  132. Mods...
  133. Gree, what you did in relation to the gold bonus program was unethical!
  134. Need a little help here...
  135. This LTQ is definitely not worth the Xp for the meager prizes.
  136. Im quitting!
  137. A modest proposal to anyone who wants me to go away forever, or stay on the forum
  138. So dippy
  139. No more illegal automatic donations... Has the time come?
  140. Same Account Two Devices
  141. Building
  142. Gree.... seriously?
  143. Hideouts
  144. Close Shave 1-10 Build/Upgrade Cost 1-10 w/ -30%
  145. two quick questions
  146. I quit
  147. Cash cows
  148. Shared intel room top 50
  149. awesome hood...low iph
  150. steam machine crates disappeared
  151. Phony retirements
  152. Apparently GREE doesn't wnat people to post they have quitted...
  153. Don't forget to leave a review on your way out
  154. Top 1000 prize for Graveyard Rampage?
  155. Bloody barbershop
  156. Upgrade 2 Buildings at the same time
  157. Schedule change but battle is still the same day as MW?!?
  158. Promote to leader
  159. This is how you block the forum Trolls
  160. Time To Shine
  161. PvP Event - Whats the HIGHEST amounts of points 1 hit
  162. Syndicate don't show correct amount of players...
  163. game down for maintenance
  164. Congratulations Molly Mcquires!
  165. Money
  166. Syndicated Clans
  167. Any SAS online right now.
  168. PVP - FC versus SAS.. who wins?
  169. starting new game on device
  170. SBLNT Event Progress
  171. For tap joy users
  172. This is weird..my 12s are back up after collecting an hour ago
  173. HELP
  174. Thanks Gree
  175. Why is my attack reducing?
  176. Ltq and other missions question
  177. Steam Machines - seems virtually impossible without gold
  178. Still waiting for an explanation regarding the new and depleted Gold Bonus Program
  179. What to do with excess money?
  180. Looking for some people to join a small syndicate war intel sharing group
  181. Alright you Asked for Player Names and Levels, Here you go
  182. Dropping your munber of mafia
  183. PVP leaderboard
  184. Can player in game details be posted on the forum?
  185. Need a Mods assistance
  186. PvP scores
  187. Go tam Go!
  188. PvP leader board frozen 20 min left.
  189. Go Balthazar-retiring Go!!
  190. Looking for MoM syndicate members
  191. Where is the LTQ Gree?
  192. Opinions on using respect points
  193. Advice
  194. Quick question
  195. should the mod delete all the molly threads
  196. More stupid from GREE - LTQ postponement announcement
  197. What's the last Thug life Round mission?
  198. Halloween Epic Boss
  199. NEW LIMITED EDITION SET BONUS, Worth buying them???
  200. How many illegal automatics do y'all have in your syndicate?
  201. Mods: Plans to change the dataset delivery to "MW style"?
  202. Updated Hood Planner (w/ Burlesque and Bloody Barber Shop)
  203. Gree.. can you please NOT "reward" us xp for LTQ???
  204. The lqt
  205. Devil's Night LTQ - Jobs and Rewards List
  206. How Much Money You Have Spent On GREE Games??
  207. if u r rich enough, u don't need to bank?
  208. Enjoying The Troll Off?
  209. SharkTank
  210. Does previous ranking make a difference at the beginning of battle?
  211. Halloween Epic Boss!
  212. Steam Machine T25 mod 5% increase instead of 7% ???
  213. Fix this!
  214. Mods: Will Boss Kills count towards the next daily goal?
  215. SLTQ contribution stuck
  216. So the vibe I'm getting is...
  217. Please help
  218. FwD where is....
  219. Epic boss health/calculator/spreadsheet
  220. Tier 6?
  221. So This Is What You Get After You Kill Level 50 Epic Boss.
  222. Melodious Funk: New Stats
  223. ATTN: Game to be down for 5 minutes
  224. Weekend event?
  225. Broken Bottles
  226. How syndicates are matched up
  227. Cant Find Frank Stein on iOS
  228. Fright Fest!!
  229. Fright Fest SLTQ Jobs
  230. New problem with latest syndicate event!
  231. A&f can we get a list of sltq jobs please?
  232. Anyone still not find Frank ?
  233. A Question for Level 250s: How many exp. you have currently???
  234. best stats
  235. Minimum level required
  236. Buying Gold on Bluestacks
  237. RIP Princess
  238. freight fest finishers
  239. Sltq: getting xp, but not item rewards?
  240. Another 6 months at the most!
  241. Income should be determined by where your buildings are placed
  242. What is the loot and value in the syndicate consecutive win part of battles?
  243. Low Level Players in Syndicate Battles
  244. Mw and cc same weekend?
  245. 30 gold for level 100 boss
  246. Game Won't transfer at all iPhone 5s
  247. Will you ever fix the contributors list for android?
  248. What happened to MOM
  249. Why can't you start an event on time
  250. Problems with server?