Forum Code of Conduct

Welcome to the official GREE games forums! These forums are for the discussion of GREE games, including advice, feedback, and general gameplay talk. We ask that all posts are civil, respectful, and constructive to ensure that all visitors will enjoy and benefit from them. Additionally, we can more easily collect information and feedback -- positive or negative -- to pass on to GREE game developers.

There are specific forum rules covering what is considered appropriate behavior that all visitors must abide by. If you do not, your post could be moved, locked, or deleted. You could also be subject to receiving infractions that, after a certain number of accruals, could result in a temporary or permanent ban.

  • Online Safety
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Flaming
  • Spamming
  • Trolling
  • Bumping
  • Staying On-topic
  • Private Groups
  • Language
  • Reporting Posts
  • External Content
  • Signatures
  • Ban Evasion Accounts
  • Moderators, Community Managers, and Developers

Online Safety: We recommend you do not arrange to meet anyone from these forums. Never give out personal contact information, including your real name, phone number, email or home address. There are numerous online social sites that are more private and safe for sharing your information.

Inappropriate Content: Members of all ages are welcome to view these forums. Any posts containing profanity and/or obscenity will not be tolerated. Nor will insults, personal attacks, accusations or abusive language toward other forum members or GREE staff. Posts containing inappropriate content will be edited or deleted, and a warning and infraction will result.

This forum also uses a language filter to remove words that are considered inappropriate. Such words will be replaced with asterisks (*). Working around the filter, including your own use of asterisks (*) or initials (i.e. "FU") is considered swearing and not permitted. Signatures, avatars, titles, usernames, videos, and images must also follow these rules.

Racial, religious, or sexual slurs are likely to result in an immediate infraction or ban. Discussion and/or advocacy of software piracy or refunds is strictly prohibited on these boards. Piracy includes links to illegal downloads of games or methods to circumvent copy protection mechanisms. Any detailed discussion of refunds received by GREE will not be tolerated.

Flaming: Flaming is a hostile, insulting, or intimidating interaction between internet users. Responding to a flame message is discouraged. If you believe you’re being flamed by another forum member, please send a private message to a forum moderator or Community Manager instead of replying. This applies to text, videos, and images.

Rather than letting flame threads turn into all-out flame wars, please agree to disagree or the thread is likely to be locked.

No Spamming: Repeatedly posting the same message or topic in one or multiple forums is considered spamming. Spam posts will be locked, edited, or removed. Intentional off-topic or nonsense posts are likely to be considered spam and will be treated the same. Continued off-topic posts after being asked to return to the thread topic will lead to infractions/bans. This applies to text, images, and videos. This also includes repeat posting of internet memes.

If there is something you would like to add to a post you’ve just added to the the thread discussion, please use the EDIT button instead of making multiple posts in a row.

No Trolling: This includes -

  • Creating threads for the sole purpose of disrupting the forum.
  • Causing disorder in threads by picking fights, making off-topic posts that ruin the thread discussion, and insulting other posters.
  • Creating posts designed to receive inappropriate responses.
  • No Bumping: Creating short posts with the sole intention of keeping threads at the top of the forum is called “bumping.” This raises forum traffic and clutter and moves more active threads down the page which may result in the thread being lost. Persistent offenders will be issued a warning or infraction. This rule excludes recruitment threads. Recruitment threads will be allowed one (1) bump either every 24 hours or when the thread moves to the second page of the sub-forum.

Staying On-topic: Please make sure you’re posting in the correct forum. We have specific forums for each game with their own off-topic area. Off-topic threads may be moved to the off-topic area or locked.

Private Threads: The forums allow users to join Private Groups that only invited users can view. They’re subject to the same rules and moderation as public threads and posts and are viewable by Moderators and Community Managers.

Language: This is GREE’s English forum and we ask that all posts on this board are made in English so we can effectively moderate. Please avoid difficult to read posts with “CrAzY cApS”, “ALL CAPS”, or overly large or small fonts. The use of excessive white space, punctuation, non-standard/offensive characters, and emoticons also apply to the language rule.

Reporting Posts: If you see a post that you think needs moderator attention, please report it by clicking the triangle icon on the bottom, left, side of the post. While it isn’t always possible to moderate a reported post immediately, reported posts will be dealt with if it’s felt necessary by the Moderators and/or Community Managers. Overuse of the reporting system will be considered abuse.

External Content: Anything linked to these forums must abide by the same rules as any other content posted here. This includes signature images, avatars, links, images, and videos.

Signatures and Avatars: Signatures and avatars must not exceed set guidelines for both dimensions and size and will be removed if they don’t adhere to the guidelines. All signatures and avatars using inappropriate images or language will also be removed. Any reposting of a removed signature or avatar that was removed will result in an infraction.

Quotes from posts will not be allowed in signatures because they are often used to ridicule or harass forum members and GREE staff.

Ban Evasion Accounts

When a member violates the GREE Forum Code of Conduct, he will be issued infractions. Once a certain amount of infractions are incurred, the player will be banned. Bans can last anywhere from one (1) day to one (1) month, and in some cases a permanent ban will be applied. Any forum member who creates a secondary account will be permanently banned on their main account and any accounts created to bypass a ban.

Community Managers and Volunteer Moderators

Community Managers are GREE employees who work with the developers as a bridge between the developers and the GREE community. They exist to inform you on updates and happenings on GREE games, as well as to take your feedback to the developers to help improve current and future titles where possible.

Volunteer Moderators are community members chosen to help with the day-to-day running and maintenance of the forum. Mod actions are not a topic for public discussion, any public discussion of Moderator actions will be subject to an infraction and eventual ban. If you have a serious issue to raise with moderation please contact a Community Manager. Flaming them or their actions (this includes telling them how to moderate) is unacceptable. We ask that mods receive respect and civil treatment, as they put in a lot of time and effort into these forums.

Infraction Categories and Levels:

Insulting other users (includes Mods/GREE Staff) 1 point expires in 7 days
Signature/avatar violation 1 point expires in 2 weeks
Inappropriate language 1 point expires in 2 weeks
Discriminatory remarks 1 point expires in 1 month
Spamming (non spam account)/repeated off-topic posts 1 point never expires
Copyright infringement 3 points never expires
Piracy/Refund discussion/advocacy 3 points never expires
Ban evasion/secondary account 10 points never expires
Admitted piracy/Admitted sharing of refund details 10 points never expires

Ban levels are as follows:

2 points 1 day ban
3 points 1 week ban
5 points 2 week ban
8 points 1 month ban
10 points permanent ban